[218 ride away!] Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan MINGTING, free in early summer!

♨️♨️♨️ In the sunshine of Qiandao Lake, the wind has wrinkled 982 square kilometers of lake water, and the green elves hidden in Qiandao Lake are flying one after another.

The beautiful scenery of sunrise, lake water, morning glow and fog sea continues.

Qiandao Lake once again depicts a new colorful picture.

Photo / photo network: 501551883 (Xiaofu 0104) or go to Qiandao secret place in Qingtian village to feel the green of nature.

Breathe deeply in the oxygen bar in the secret place to relax your body and mind 🍃 Picture: the merchant provides the gentle wind, which wrinkles the water surface of Qiandao Lake and the poetry in people’s hearts.

Taking the earth as the painting case and mountains and rivers as ink paper, if you step on a bicycle at this moment 🚴 While riding and breathing, feel relaxed and happy.

Don’t forget to find a restaurant, sit down and taste a fresh and delicious fish head, fresh into your heart.

Figure / photo network: 501650869 (Xiaofu 0104) figure: provided by merchants 💦💦💦 As soon as the weather gets warmer, the season of playing with water will come again! Close contact with Qiandao Lake, get the dynamic beauty! Punch in the happy water world of Qiandao Lake: stagger in the wind, step on the water walking ball, step on the waves, and ride a motorboat to drift on the water.

The joy of speed and passion makes you scream wantonly ❗ ️ ❗ Photo: all the above games provided by the merchant are presented to you.

Choose one you like, and it’s right to start! In terms of location and cost performance, among the many hotels in Qiandao Lake, it is well deserved to choose today’s protagonist: 👇🏻 Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan MINGTING Hotel √ convenient transportation, surrounded by beautiful scenery and oxygen absorption vacation map: merchants provide high evaluation of “four ★ and there are too many reasons to choose it! √ convenient location, mountain view, lake view and wide vision √ classic guest room with complete facilities and comfortable living √ leisure cycling, delicious fish head and rich activity map: map provided by the merchant: the merchant provides # let’s go # it should be fish head 🐟、 Relax 🍃 A good time ~ the beauty of Qiandao Lake is better if you are present 🚣‍♀️ Great home stay , surprise benefits, 2 packages, you can choose Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan MINGTING hotel 👇🏻| ① ¥ 218 (fish head voucher + cycling) | [stay] mountain view standard double bed room 1 night [meal] buffet breakfast 2 [enjoy] fish head voucher 1 [enjoy] bike ride for 1 hour [enjoy] hotel children’s amusement park, gym, parking lot WiFi | ② ¥ 268 (fish head voucher + water world ticket) | [stay] mountain view standard double bed room 1 night [meal] buffet breakfast on the next day 2 [enjoy] fish head voucher 1 [enjoy] send Qiandao Lake happy water world tickets 2 [enjoy] hotel children’s amusement park, gym, parking lot, WiFi * valid until June 30, 2022.

For other details, see the end of the document / photo network: 500891808 (Xiaofu 0104) 01 Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan MINGTING Hotel and Shanshui, Convenient travel} map: merchants provide Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan MINGTING Hotel, which is located in Chun’an County, the western suburb of Hangzhou, on the Bank of Qiandao Lake, and the surrounding shopping and entertainment are very convenient.

Figure: provided by the merchant figure: when the merchant enters the hotel, you can see the overall elegant style of the hotel, and the warm yellow light gives people a warm feeling.

The marble floor and the potted plants in the corner show the atmosphere everywhere.

You can take a nap in the hall or have a chat with three or five friends ~ figure: the merchant provides 02 room introduction , room type in the package: mountain view standard double bed , the price can be upgraded to Lake View Standard Room , the hotel has a variety of room types, or lake view or mountain view, and you can see the beautiful scenery outside the window no matter where you are.

The guest room is 30 ㎡ take-off, with complete facilities and elegant style.

↓ standard double bed map of Mountain View: the merchant provides a room with lake view.

You can enjoy the lake view directly from the landing window, and the bad mood is swept away with the beautiful scenery ~ map: the merchant provides 03 Kaiyuan MINGTING – Food & pleasure.

Taste delicious food and have fun.

Map: the merchant provides a nutritious and delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant after waking up.

The whole day is full of vitality and starts from now on.

The hotel also has boxes to meet the travel needs of different groups.

Facing the lake view and tasting delicious food, it feels great! Photo: in addition to delicious food, the leisure and entertainment facilities of the hotel are also very rich.

It won’t be boring.

It’s easy to be high all day! In the package, you can use the hotel children’s paradise and gym for free (children’s paradise loved by children).

Figure: provided by the merchant (tea bar: leisure tea tasting) figure: provided by the merchant (gym loved by sports lovers) figure: provided by the merchant (KTV): if you feel bored, ride a mountain bike to the lake for a ride, enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air.

That’s the meaning of vacation 🍃🍃~ Picture / photo network: 500728412 (Xiaofu 0104) picture / photo network: 500891432 (Xiaofu 4.28) 04 eat, drink and have fun , secret place / fish head / play with water , coordinate Qiandao Lake happy water world in Pearl Peninsula square, Qingxi new town, Qiandao Lake, is a good place to play with water!! Motorboat water drift, dynamic kayak, water banana boat surfing The water splashes everywhere and the wind roars ~ picture: the merchants provide clear lakes, green mountains and cool buffs.

No matter what you play, you will be happier ❗ With wind and water, friends and family, speed get~ map: merchants provide to punch in the secret place of Qiandao.

Here, the canyon is deep and the ancient pines are cloudy.

The sound of running water from mountain streams and springs is heard in my ears.

In front of me, stones are stacked into a tan.

Bursts of breeze bring water mist in the mountains and birds’ singing into my ears from time to time.

Along the stream, around the mountains, along the way to watch the cliffs, stream stones and waterfalls..