Riding without helmet, traffic police use UAV to remind! Netizen: set up a “dragnet”

“The handsome guy who wears dark green clothes, glasses and drives a black electric car, please put on your helmet!” Recently, a video of a Fujian Putian UAV shouting at high altitude to correct violations was hot.

Many netizens of Putian traffic police in Fujian said that such high-tech law enforcement is very handsome and efficient.

It is suggested to promote ▽▽ across the country to mainly capture traffic violations such as retrograde vehicles and illegal parking.

It is reported that Putian traffic police department began to use UAV high-altitude investigation in September last year in order to accurately crack down on traffic violations, It is specially used to capture road traffic violations.

UAVs mainly capture traffic violations such as vehicles retrograde, illegally stopping, driving without following the road, blocking number plates, pedestrians running red lights, non motor vehicles without helmets, illegal manned and so on.

Through the hand-held walkie talkie, the traffic police can not only clearly see the illegal picture through the hand-held device, but also directly make UAV high-altitude shouting to the traffic violator through the hand-held walkie talkie.

The traffic police said that if the driver recognizes his own mistakes, immediately cooperate with the traffic police to persuade, wear safety helmets and eliminate potential safety hazards in time, he will only send traffic safety messages for warm warnings in the later stage without investigation and punishment; If the driver still does not wear a safety helmet after hearing the warning, the traffic police should call the driver to go to the traffic police detachment for illegal treatment while sending a traffic safety SMS warning, and enter it into the integrity traffic violation database.

At present, the traffic police detachment of Putian Public Security Bureau has established a “UAV team”.

The team has two UAVs, with 10 members, of which 6 have UAV driver’s license.

It is reported that the UAV can patrol in the air of 50 meters, with a maximum flight time of 30 minutes and a flight radius of 15 kilometers.

△ data map | visual China has investigated and dealt with more than 2000 traffic violations this year.

Since UAVs participated in traffic management this year, 2184 violations of motorcycles and electric vehicles without license, shielding and registration, running red lights and driving in reverse have been investigated and dealt with, 220 violations of muck vehicles have been investigated and dealt with, 18 illegal modified vehicles have been investigated and dealt with, and 2184 people have been included in the traffic integrity system.

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