Does cycling affect sexual function? Do you dare to “drag racing”

Once upon a time, there was a man who was determined to keep fit because he was fat.

Spinning was his favorite.

After a few months of cycling, sweat witnessed the change of his figure, but also witnessed Tintin’s numbness and inaction…

Cycling has always been regarded as a sport conducive to physical health.

How can it go wrong when riding? Can cycling really affect sexual function? What about the cart? It’s very important.

Ding Dang has to stop and talk to his good friend, Mr.

Liu min.

From a tough guy to a soft egg, you only need a bike? Since the 1970s, studies on sexual dysfunction caused by bicycles have emerged one after another.

Various studies of “misfortune” seem to keep telling people that from “tough guy” to “soft egg”, all you need is a bike.


Cycling: it may make you “don’t lift”.

This may be the last thing you want to believe.

But the fact is that cyclists are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than the normal population.

Studies have shown that the incidence of erectile dysfunction in cyclists is 13.1%, while this proportion is only 5.6% in non cyclists of the same age.

This problem may be mainly due to the oppression of the seat on the private part, that is, the professional “perineal soft tissue”.

When we sit normally, the weight of the upper body is mainly supported by the sciatic bone and scattered by the hips and private parts.

When cycling, the contact area between the seat and the hip decreases, and the pressure on the private part increases; Repeated friction between the private part and the slender and hard seat will also keep the private part “pressed”.

Hold it down, right? The nerves that control Tintin’s touch and blood vessels responsible for congestion are distributed in our private parts.

Being pressed for a long time, Tintin will naturally become numb day by day, and you will feel numb when you stamp…

And the pressure on blood vessels will make Tintin less congested, so it will not be so “hard”.

Perhaps, confident you think you are “hard” than ordinary people, and honest eggs have already betrayed you.

Source: pexels com2.

Cycling: it may also make you sterile.

Cycling not only has the risk of “not lifting”, but also may lead to infertility.

The unique structure of scrotum makes the ambient temperature of eggs lower than the body temperature, and sperm can develop healthily in this temperature.

But in the process of cycling, the private part not only bears the pressure from the seat, but also rubs repeatedly with the seat, so it gets hotter and hotter below, which leads to the increase of scrotal temperature and affects the quality of semen.

When sperm no longer rush to run, how lonely it is to wait for eggs.

Seeing this, do you “tough guys” feel half cold? No, actually, it’s not just men who suffer from crotch pain because of cycling…

3 Although women’s wide sciatic structure gives them some advantages against cycling injuries, the study found that female cyclists also have a higher proportion of orgasmic disorders, dysuria, vulva numbness and pain than other women.

Of course, you don’t have to rush to sell your bicycles or refund the deposit in various bicycles…

Cycling is still good.

Although the “evils” of cycling have been mentioned above, it must be clear that the problems of cycling have a lot to do with the time and distance of cycling.

If you just ride your bike to and from work every day, don’t worry too much, And it’s good.

Cycling, if done correctly, may also help us improve our “skills”.

People often say that if you don’t practice your legs, you will be impotent sooner or later.

Cycling is an effective way to exercise your leg muscles and can help you become stronger and stronger.

At the same time, erectile function also reflects cardiovascular ability to a certain extent.

Cycling can not only promote blood circulation and improve cardiopulmonary function, but also improve the exercise ability of patients with chronic heart failure.

From this point of view, cycling can help improve erectile dysfunction.

Source: petsparadise It tough guy is tough guy.

He has the final say in riding.

How can we ride a bike properly? For everyone’s happiness, I will certainly give some suggestions today: 1 Don’t give up eating because of choking.

Don’t give up cycling, which is a beneficial sport, just because of the above “possible” views.


Choose a bike with a wider seat.

The wider seat can fully support your sciatic bone and disperse most of your body weight, so as to reduce the pressure on your private parts.


Try to maintain a vertical sitting position.

After sitting straight, the pressure of the seat on the private part will also be reduced.


By adjusting the angle of the seat, the “nose” at the front end of the seat can be tilted forward slightly to reduce the pressure and friction of the front end of the seat on the private part.


When cycling, change the sitting posture more.

You can change it to “standing posture” every 10 minutes for 15 seconds, so that your hips can be suspended and liberated from oppression.

In fact, in addition to cycling, sedentary will also bring varying degrees of harm to the following, and it will make you lazy and fat.

Such harm can be more direct than cycling for a long time.

So, it’s better to be a person who loves sports from tomorrow.

When the whole city is making noise again in the afterglow of the sunset, pick up a bike, step on the pedal and fly away..