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There are always people who will like you in your imagination, see your original face, and finally spit on you and say that you were such a person, but you have always been the same.

You are infamous for not doing anything.


The reporter asked Yi Zhongtian: is there any dross in our traditional culture? Can you sum it up in one sentence? Yi Zhongtian: one point and two sides, small talk.

Eight words is enough! Reporter: can you explain these eight words briefly? Yi Zhongtian: one thing endows two values, so it’s usually “life has never died since ancient times”, and there’s another “people under the eaves have to bow their heads.

As for” small talk “, if I don’t have a title, a degree, a circle, contacts and popularity, no matter how correct I say, it’s farting…

3 Bill Gates famously said that most people overestimate how much they can do in a year, but underestimate how much they can do in ten years.


More than 90% of the troubles in life are due to poverty.

Because they are poor, live in a remote place and have a long commute to work.

Working overtime depends on whether the subway bus will disappear.

Once or twice, the leaders are considerate of you.

If you think you have too much nonsense, you don’t think about promotion and salary increase; Because they are poor, they are reluctant to buy this and that.

It is a waste of time to buy something for a long time; Because of poverty, this reluctant to throw, that reluctant to throw, a pile of garbage at home; Because of poverty, things that can be easily solved by spending money cannot be solved, and there are a lot of trivial things; Because of poverty, family members live in fear and lack a sense of security.

Family members have tense relations and often quarrel; Because they are poor, they dare not make a mistake.

They are respectful when they go to work and have no status at home.

The whole person lives in a humble place; Because he is poor, he spends a lot of time making money, has no time to accompany his family and fall in love, and his whole life is very empty, day after day, year after year…


For adults, the most important thing is continuous emotional stability, benign financial situation, controllable pace of life and rational concept of life, not whether someone loves you or not.


To survive in the workplace, you must think clearly about what to say and what not to say every minute.

Whether in the system or in the company, being cautious in words and deeds, although it seems very old-fashioned, is a real wisdom.


Friends at work, remember the following four sentences.

01 the company and leaders don’t complain.

02 they don’t inquire about other people’s privacy.

03 they don’t joke about others.

04 they don’t say cynical things.


It seems that there is no matter who seduces whom between men and women.

Men and women themselves have natural origin.

In essence, the opposite sex is happy and attracts each other.

The opposite sex itself is like a magnet.

If men and women are innocent, the world will be dark.


Many people have always been students thinking: there must be a correct answer.

But this is not the case.

The reality is often that there are many answers, none of which is correct.

You can only choose what is relatively wrong and not so outrageous.

Many things, no way is no way.


The concept of adult “early childhood” was put forward many years ago.

Children’s thinking is simpler than adults, not because of the fundamental differences between the two brains, but because children have less access to information and slow processing speed, so the conclusions are often more naive and simple.

In the era of such a flood of short content, people’s information intake ability degrades rapidly.

If you only watch 15 seconds of video and less than 140 words every day, your information intake ability is not stronger than that of primary school students, or even weaker.

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