Make an appointment! This weekend, ride together to see the beautiful scenery of spring in Ningbo

When the temperature starts to rise in March, you must go out for a walk! Ride your bike and feel the wonderful spring scenery along the way in Ningbo.

So where is it better to ride a bike in Ningbo? Which routes are convenient to ride and have beautiful scenery? Xiao Bu recommended these riding routes for you.

Let’s go out for activities at the weekend! Haishu riding route: Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake scenic area, Town God’s Temple, Tianyi Square, and Yi Yi Road to Zhongshan square, Drum Tower distance: 5 km long recommended reason: this line contains several famous landmark buildings in Ningbo, which can be seen in the past bustling and today’s glory.

As one of the oldest library buildings in China, Tianyi Pavilion has the style of gardens in the south of the Yangtze River.

It now has nearly 300000 volumes of various ancient books.

The antique Drum Tower has a generation of childhood memories and various delicacies.

The adjacent Tianyi Square is the largest urban central commercial square in Ningbo, integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, culture and tourism.

Tianyige · Moon Lake scenic spot.

Reopened Town God’s Temple.

Tianyi Square.

Heyi Avenue.

Zhongshan Square.

Gulou pedestrian street.

Jiangbei cycling route: Ningbo old Bund → Ningbo Raffles square → rihu Park (around the lake) distance: 4 kilometers.

Recommended reason: riding a bicycle through the old Bund is like walking through a literary map, full of literary and artistic atmosphere.

Shuttling through various scenic spots of rihu lake, you can enjoy the charm of spring brought by sunshine and flowers.

Ningbo old Bund.

Ningbo Raffles Plaza.

Rihu park.

Zhenhai cycling route: Jiulong Mountain Villa → Xiangshan temple → Jiulong Lake Kaiyuan resort → Jiulong Mountain Villa distance: 12.6km.

Recommended reason: Jiulong lake is vast and dark blue, like a silver mirror inlaid on the vast land, with waves and blue sky and green trees and bamboo.

When the sky is clear, you can see the Jiulong lake with overlapping mountains, vast water potential, lakes and mountains, reflecting each other.

Sometimes light smoke curls around, the mountains are misty, sometimes smoke disappears, and the sky is as clear as a wash.

Jiulong Lake scenic spot in Zhenhai District.

Ningbo Jiulong Lake Kaiyuan resort.

Beilun cycling route: Jiaxi village, Daqi street → shangmaoshan tunnel → ci’ao village, Chunxiao street.

Distance: 17 kilometers.

Recommended reason: the famous beautiful mountains and rivers line of Beilun weaves the beautiful scenery of Beilun into a golden belt.

Everything you can see is like a picture.

The distant mountains are like Dai and the clear water is like a mirror, creating a picture of beautiful mountains and rivers.

Beautiful mountains and rivers.

Beautiful mountains and rivers.

Yinzhou cycling route: Yinzhou Park → Ningbo Museum distance: the total length is 2.2km.

Recommended reason: Yinzhou park is one of the larger open parks in Ningbo.

The weather in March is breezy and full of spring.

A family or friends can ride to Yinzhou Park and fly kites there; Enjoy the sunshine on the lawn.

You can also go to Ningbo Museum to visit and study together.

The museum doesn’t need tickets.

Ningbo Yinzhou park is full of green.

Ningbo Museum.

Fenghua cycling route: Tingxia reservoir → Dong village → qixiakeng ancient town distance: 17.1km.

Recommended reason: the scenery along the way is beautiful and pleasant, dotted with bridges, cherry blossoms, waterfalls and ancient villages.

Such scenery is rare.

Dong village, Fenghua.

Qixiakeng ancient town.

Yuyao cycling route: Siming Mountain → Liangnong town → Siming Lake Reservoir distance: the total length is 40km.

Recommended reason: as one of many cycling routes in Siming Mountain, there are alpine reservoirs, small bridges, ancient trees and bamboos, and cultural relics, which give cyclists a fresh experience.

Siming mountain.

Siming lake.

Cixi cycling route: Yu’s old house → Dapeng mountain → Minghe ancient town distance: 24 kilometers long recommended reason: overlooking from Dapeng mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the vast smoke and waves in the East China Sea.

Up along the winding mountain road, the blue water of Jiaohu lake rippled, reflecting the clouds, and the bamboo pavilions in the mountains were intermittent.

You can see the scenery everywhere along the way.

Yu’s old house.

Minghe ancient town.

Ninghai cycling route: Xu Xiake Avenue → Qiantong ancient town → lianghuangshan distance: the total length is 62.3km.

Recommended reason: as a senior donkey friend, Xu Xiake’s travel notes begin: “Guichou’s march is dark, and he goes out of the west gate from Ninghai.

The clouds are scattered and the sun is bright, and everyone is happy.

Thirty miles, to lianghuangshan…”.

In the trampling, beauty flashed like a fleeting shadow.

Qiantong ancient town.

Liang Huangshan.

Xiangshan cycling route: Songlan mountain → juexi Street distance: total length: 11km recommended reason: from the exit of Songlan mountain to juexi, there is a coastal road integrating Bay Islands and reefs, and the 11km landscape Avenue has continuous scenery.

On one side is the vast ocean, on the other side is the undulating green mountains and steep mountains.

The spring breeze blowing across my face is moist and cool, and the breath of nature comes to my face.

Seaside highway.

Songlan mountain tourist resort.

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