Riding season is coming ~ have you kept up with your equipment?

Uglow’s seamless tailoring black technology is believed to have been experienced by many friends.

Now, Uglow has applied this unique technology to riding equipment! At first glance, it sounds like you have just entered the cycling circle? Not really! Romainjeandedieu, the founder and general manager of the French outdoor brand Uglow, who has long cooperated with us, is a passionate runner and cyclist! With years of experience, it officially created Uglow brand riding equipment in 2020.

I believe our friends who have been paying attention to us have also found a new batch of Uglow riding equipment recently, including riding clothes, gloves, water bottles and so on.

Today, Xiaoai collected them and gave them to everyone.

They are all elite high-quality equipment.

The special offer is new, as low as 78 yuan! Welcome all cyclists to choose from the following pictures.

The first thing that cycling clothes bring to you is the elite seamless cycling clothes of Uglow.

This cycling suit is specially designed for athletes who are seeking professional riding experience.

Black technology fabric, coupled with seamless tailoring technology, can always keep the body cool, dry and comfortable even in hot weather, greatly helping the performance of sports.

The overall slim fit, coupled with aerodynamic design derived from aviation technology, can effectively reduce wind resistance.

So that you can still break the wind even if you go against the wind.

Uglowelitelra1jersey elite seamless cycling suit is made of ultra-thin black technology fabric, which is soft to touch, light and close fitting, supports and compresses, relieves exercise fatigue, aerodynamic design, effectively reduces wind resistance, needle eye textile structure, enhances ventilation performance, lightweight design, men’s M size is only 99g, seamless fitting technology, reduces friction hazards, standard 3-Pocket configuration at the back waist, easy to carry materials, YKK full zipper at the front, convenient for timely heat dissipation, original price 1000 yuan, The limited time special offer is only 400 yuan.

You can immediately rush to buy uglowaerojersey extremely light seamless riding clothes that also use aerodynamic design.

A super thin fabric that can be compatible with good sweat wicking ability and lasting comfort is specially selected.

At the same time, for the back and shoulder positions with large amount of sweat, this cycling suit also selects the sparse honeycomb mesh fabric that can further enhance the air permeability.

Lightweight and breathable, greatly enhancing our comfort.

Uglowaerojersey extremely light seamless cycling suit is made of ultra-thin black technology fabric, soft touch, lightweight aerodynamic design, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and lightweight design.

The men’s m-Size only weighs 123g.

The honeycomb mesh fabric at the place with a large amount of sweat is more breathable and heat dissipation.

The standard 3-Pocket configuration at the back waist is convenient for carrying materials.

The front YKK full zipper is convenient for timely heat dissipation.

Two classic bright orange models and beautiful life limited models are available.

The original price is 1150 yuan, The limited time special offer is only 460 yuan.

Click on the small program picture below to buy the riding pants immediately.

When we ride a long distance, we often encounter PP pain, riding pants slipping or skin abrasion.

Uglow elite seamless cycling one-piece shorts are the top cycling pants of the brand.

They are specially selected with high-quality Italian silicone cushion, which has high elastic cushioning and strong rebound effect.

The X-shaped lengthened and widened riding harness is not only firm and reliable, but also keeps the riding pants close to the body.

It also ensures the strength of core muscle groups and the smoothness of abdominal breathing.

Uglowelitelr-bibshots elite seamless riding onepiece shorts are made of ultra-thin black technology fabric, which is extremely fast drying, breathable and elastic.

It creates a good supporting and wrapping high-quality silicone cushion, supports the X-shaped design of the back strap for long-term continuous riding, optimizes the comfort aerodynamic design of the riding posture, effectively reduces the wind resistance, and has a fluorescent logo design.

The original price is 1900 yuan, The limited time special offer is only 760 yuan.

Click on the small program picture below to buy the riding gloves uglowglovelr Fingerless Gloves – the latest entry-level Fingerless Gloves of its brand.

The back of the hand and palm of the open fingered gloves are made of two different fabrics, which can quickly volatilize sweat, so that you can grasp the handlebar steadily at all times, greatly reducing the probability of dangerous situations caused by wet and slippery hands.

The silicone palm pad at the palm can effectively reduce the shock, so that you won’t feel numb and tired after riding for a long time.

Although it is an entry-level style, it is exquisite in many aspects from design to fabric, taking into account the two core functions of palm protection and comfortable wearing, and the use scenarios are diverse.

If you need to hold a stick for daily riding, fitness or cross-country hiking, don’t miss this sports glove ~uglowglovelr open fingered gloves take into account the two core properties of palm protection and comfort.

Black technology ultra-thin elastic fabric, light weight, fast drying and breathable aerodynamic version design, fit your hands and prevent them from slipping down.

Silicone filler is added in the palm pad to alleviate long-term riding fatigue.

Light and thin mesh is added in the palm, Enhanced ventilation and perspiration, lengthened wrist design, enhanced protection performance black, blue and white can be selected, the original price is 450 yuan, and the limited time special offer is only 180 yuan.

Click the small program picture below to buy it immediately.

At the same time, Uglow flagship gloves, which have improved both comfort and protection performance, have also been launched simultaneously! This Uglow flagship open fingered glove is specially designed to lengthen the wrist for better protection.

Match it with the soft and thickened fabric on the palm of your hand, so that you can enjoy the real fun of sports during several hours of riding..