Riding is the best gift for yourself

Riding is painful, but it is also happy.

When you choose long-distance riding, it is a challenge to your physical limit, a new life experience and an attitude towards life.

If you ask a cyclist what it feels like to ride a bike, he will answer, exercise, exercise your reaction ability, get close to nature, travel green, slow down and enjoy the scenery, etc., but for me, it is more a kind of persistence and enjoyment.

After persistence, you will find a point, which is a smile, a feeling that only you have experienced can understand, and a feeling that only you know, It is a kind of pride to look at the routes that I have ridden, day and night.

One person, one car, one world, thank you for riding.

It makes me have perseverance and vitality.

Thank you for riding friends, so that I can share the beauty and scenery along the road with them.

Now the official riding season, I sincerely wish you can harvest the beauty you want in your riding! Advantages of riding: long press attention to Quancheng Public Security Supervisor: Zhu Jun reviewed by: lixinjun edited by: Ma Yue..