Night Rider: sudden! Heavy bad news coming?

News 1.

In the big white horse today, Goethe shares suddenly dived after the opening of trading, and directly hit the limit It is rumored that the order has been cut off Well, the demand for consumer electronics is in this year’s situation, and the funds are sold so firmly.

I think it may be true to cut the bill Today, the market continues to go through a staggering adjustment cycle.

As soon as US stocks rise, a shares will adjust.

This is the same rule.

The index has indeed reached the position that needs to be adjusted.


In terms of data, there are several news worthy of attention recently.

From July 21 to 23, 2022, the 2022 Internet technology and Application Expo will be held.

This exhibition will gather giants in various fields of the Internet industry, such as communication, it and network, and comprehensively display cutting-edge technology application solutions and forward-looking products in the fields of information security, digital new infrastructure, digital transformation, industrial Internet, smart city and other industries.

On June 20, urban agglomeration The seminar on the pilot scheme of market-oriented comprehensive reform of data elements in metropolitan areas and central cities was held in Beijing, and the “Research Institute of comprehensive reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements” jointly established by China Electronics, China Economic System Reform Research Association and China economic reform research foundation was officially unveiled.

On June 16, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference in June.

At the meeting, Meng Wei, spokesman of the national development and Reform Commission, said that data, as a new factor of production, can expand, superimpose and multiply other factors of production, and is promoting profound changes in our mode of production, lifestyle and governance.

The national development and Reform Commission has taken the lead in preparing basic system documents for data elements.

Focusing on data property rights, transaction circulation, income distribution, security governance and other contents, it has accelerated the construction of “four beams and eight pillars” of China’s data basic system, and built production relations suitable for data productivity.

At present, the relevant documents have been drafted.

Next, the national development and Reform Commission will accelerate the issuance of documents, which will be issued and implemented after being reported according to procedures.

In a word, the emergence of digital has changed the way people perceive the objective world, while digital has triggered changes in production paradigm and factors.

Looking forward to the future construction of “Digital China”, efficiency, openness and standardization will become the most important subject words.

The biggest concern on the disk today is that Goethe shares, the leading consumer electronics company with a market value of 100 billion yuan, have fallen by the limit.

Relevant concept stocks were under pressure as a whole, and many stocks such as Tencent precision, Lansi technology, Lianchuang electronics and Changxin technology fell.

According to the news, it is rumored that meta’s meta universe hardware and head mounted display businesses have slowed down, and the shipment forecast has been cut by 40%.

In addition, meta has suspended all new head mounted display /ar/mr hardware projects after 2024.

Another news that triggered heated discussion in the investment circle is that it plans to prohibit third-party platforms from directly participating in online drug sales.

Affected by this news, the shares of Alibaba health and JD health have plummeted all the way.

The market is concerned that if the regulations are strictly implemented, the self operation (1P business) of pharmaceutical e-commerce may have an impact.

If the policy is officially implemented, the overall impact on the pharmaceutical Internet sector (Alibaba health, JD health, etc.) will be limited: if the policy is strictly implemented, the possibility of independent operation of 1p business by e-commerce self support through divestiture of independent companies will not be ruled out.

Considering that this implementation regulation is a draft for comments, the attitude of follow-up policies (Draft for approval, formal draft) is more critical.

From a technical point of view, we previously said that the market volatility range is between 3260-3350 points, and this position needs to fluctuate for a week.

Therefore, at present, it is basically near the support level, and then there will probably be a backlash.

This backlash should have a certain degree of strength, but the specific sectors that drive the market backlash can only be seen in the intraday.

It is meaningless to predict in advance, because you will buy in advance if you predict in advance, Personally, I think that the varieties that have been adjusted for more than 3 days and are not in a high position will lead the team.

This time should be Thursday.

If they do not go up on Thursday, they should step back around 3200.

Cyclists hope that everyone can develop the good habit of reading and looking good.

If my analysis benefits you, you don’t need any reward or appreciation.

I just hope to forward and share the circle of friends.

Thank you very much!..