Riding night statistician: a big event is going to happen tonight!

News side 1.

Let’s start with an unexpected news.

It’s rumored that Biden will make an action on Thursday.

I think it may be mainly about tariff and Pelosi…

The tariff has been expected for too long, and it is estimated that it will not have a good effect on the A-share price.

Today, the military industry rose because of the tense atmosphere.

Let’s see if Pelosi will be passively delayed because of something.

As for the A-share market, I feel there is nothing to discuss, and I will continue the shock adjustment period.

US stocks.

Wal Mart’s share price fell by nearly 8%.

This company is a particularly stable company, and its performance is not good now.

It seems that the global recession is indeed on the way.

Wal Mart lowered its profit guidelines for the second quarter and the whole year due to persistent inflation and inventory problems.

The retail giant now expects the adjusted second quarter earnings per share to fall by 8% to 9%, and the annual earnings per share to fall by 11% to 13%.

The company had predicted that earnings per share in the second quarter would be “flat to slightly up”, down only 1% in the first quarter.

E-commerce company Shopify shares fell 15%.

The company only reported its earnings tonight, but the market can’t wait to smash.

The company will cut about 1000 employees, accounting for 10% of its global workforce.

Tobil ü tke, the founder and CEO of Shopify, told employees in a memo issued on Tuesday local time that consumers have resumed their previous shopping habits, coupled with the reduction in online orders that have driven the company’s recent growth, “so layoffs are necessary”.

L ü tke said that the layoffs would involve all departments, but most of them would be in the recruitment, support and sales departments.

The interest rate was officially raised on the 28th.

As long as it was not 100bp, the market should rebound.


Mengpengfei, an open source machine: we should pay attention to the opportunities of core components upstream of robots.

After the global market epidemic, labor shortage and contactless production have become a common phenomenon.

The demand for industrial control and robots in Europe, Japan, the United States has increased significantly, and there are signs of locking orders to core component factories.

In particular, the growth rate of 22q1 robots in the United States has exceeded 40%, which has not been seen in a decade; Affected by the epidemic in China, the inventory of parts and components of midstream ontology enterprises is low; With the change of epidemic policy and the full resumption of work and production, the demand for heavy-duty robots in the middle reaches has increased significantly.

The production capacity of the reducer is limited, and it is difficult to expand production (harmonic half a year to one year, rv1-2 years).

The probation period is 3 months to half a year, and basically no one overseas has done it.

The brokerage of reducer is very optimistic.

It is estimated that the companies related to reducer have performance opportunities, and they can focus on the companies related to reducer that make up the low price.

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Moscow time on Wednesday, the natural gas flow of Beixi No.

1 pipeline was reduced to about 20% of the gas transmission capacity.

Affected by this news, European benchmark natural gas futures surged by more than 20% on Tuesday local time, jumping by double-digit percentages for two consecutive days.

The current total gas storage level in Germany is 65.9%.

If the natural gas transmitted by Beixi line 1 continues to maintain this low level and no additional measures are taken, it is almost impossible to establish 95% natural gas storage before November.

It is still summer now.

If it comes to winter, European residents will usher in a bitter winter.

At present, it has agreed to reduce the consumption of natural gas by 15% this winter.

If there is a shortage of natural gas supply, etc, Mandatory measures will be taken to reduce natural gas demand.

Some traders said that there is another round of gas hoarding around the world, and it is expected that Europe will hoard gas.

Utility companies in Japan and South Korea are currently accelerating the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Buyers in India and Thailand are also considering increasing natural gas purchases.

From a technical point of view, the small shock volume of the market can shrink again.

In fact, I’m waiting for the heavy boots to land.

I can’t guess whether the news is bad or good.

My view is still relatively clear.

There are only two cases of increasing positions, either breaking through 3300 points and stepping back to form a small-level 3-buy, which is a strong signal, or waiting for it to fall below the previous 3243 points to form a large-level reverse, At present, this change inventory is basically approaching, and it should be in the second half of the week.

We are waiting for the direction to be chosen.

Cyclists hope that everyone can develop the good habit of looking good after reading.

If my analysis benefits you, you don’t need any reward or appreciation.

I just hope to forward and share the circle of friends.

Thank you very much!..