Summary of cycling activities – bingo interview album

Gathering and dispersing like water, carrying thousands of feet on the earth is just a sentence waiting for the next meeting of the 10th cycling Angel public welfare cycling activity to end.

We interviewed bingo, the elder who witnessed the cycling angel’s ten years.

Bingo said that after ten years, he was very happy to see that the team operation of cycling angels has become more and more standardized, from a single cycling to a comprehensive public welfare activity integrating visits, study tours, sports and teaching support.

During the 10th tour, bingo said that he was moved by the full participation of the Taiwan Affairs Office and the sharing of teacher a Sheng and teacher Xiao Wu in Daliang Mountain.

Teacher Wu said: I believe this activity has also planted the seeds of hope in the hearts of children.

They saw thousands of the outside world, felt the kindness and beauty of the world, learned to be strong and brave, and were able to establish beautiful and ambitious ambitions based on this event; Daliang Mountain is a big mountain among the mountains.

The children are brave, kind and plain.

However, they know little about the vast world outside, but they are extremely longing for it.

I believe that students can also strengthen their ideals and beliefs through this activity, go out of Daliang Mountain, see the outside world, and leave their footprints in the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

This is what cycling angels expect to see.

The true feelings of teacher Wu and teacher a Sheng moved the bicycle Angel volunteers present, and also strengthened their faith.

Bingo said: he hopes that the little warriors can pass on and share their harvest after they return.

He hopes that more little warriors will be full of longing and hope for the outside world in their hearts.

At the same time, they will uphold their consistent kindness and indomitable courage to go out of the mountains and go to a broader world outside.

At the same time, for the 10th cycling Angel volunteers, bingo said: the revolution has not been successful, and comrades still need to work hard! The sunshine in summer is warm and dazzling.

I don’t know how many times the little yellow duck on the T-shirt has been wet with sweat.

The strength of public welfare has supported the bicycle Angel volunteers along the way.

After ten years, the bicycle angel has become a more complete and energetic team! Thank Bingo for accompanying the cycling angel for ten years.

I believe that in the coming days, more volunteers will follow bingo’s footsteps and devote their youth and blood to public welfare undertakings…