Ride the East Lake greenway to enjoy the scenery along the way

Today, Wuhan is a rare cool day in dog days.

The sky is covered with dark clouds, and it may rain at any time.

Because it is cool, today I mainly ride on the East Lake greenway.

In order to save energy, I rode from the provincial map to the nearby pear garden, and then to Chu Fengyuan to transfer to the East Lake cruise ship to the north of Moshan.

Because the shared bicycles on the East Lake greenway can’t be parked casually now, it’s quite convenient to find a car.

When you get out of the dock, you see a meituan bike.

You choose a bike in good condition.

Ride to the Luoyan scenic area, and many lotus flowers are in full bloom on the Lake along the East Lake greenway.

You can’t stop for three times and take two pictures.

It rained on the way, and it rained heavily at the beginning.

I didn’t take shelter from the rain.

I ran all the way and rode for a while.

It rained less.

When I arrived at the scenic spot, the rain stopped.

It was almost noon, and the people in line to buy tickets lined up for a mile.

I had both East Lake tickets and tengka, so I could enter the scenic spot.

Luoyan scenic area has been closed for almost a year, and the landscape improvement project was opened to the public again on July 1st this year.

Today, many people come to play.

No wonder, on the greenway, the ticket price is cheap, the scenery is good, and there is a squirrel paradise in it.

There are no squirrels for the time being.

It is an entertainment place, which is very suitable for children to play.

The project is free, so many parents bring children to play.

The scenery of Luoyan scenic area is good.

Many people have taken wedding photos here, and now they are taking their children to revisit the hometown and relive that sweet time.

The most obvious improvement of the landscape is the reconstruction and widening of the road.

The second is the addition of many reefs on the Bank of the lake on the side of Luzhou ancient ferry.

Looking at the bird island and Moshan opposite the lake, you can’t help but stop and take photos.

The third is to add a variety of interesting amusement projects in squirrel park to become a parent-child park.

The rose garden has also expanded its scope, but now it is not in the flowering season.

It is better to come in spring and autumn, and a lot of crape myrtle blooms in summer.

The area near the gate of Luoyan scenic spot is just out of the monitoring range of shared bicycles on the East Lake greenway, so it’s more convenient to park, so you don’t have to go to point P to park.

Today, there are many people coming to play, so it’s more convenient to continue riding shared bicycles after going out.

On the return trip, I’ll leave the East Lake greenway by taking the east gate of Moshan to the botanical garden.