Riding makes life happier, greenway makes city more beautiful

Under the background of the in-depth implementation of the national strategy of national fitness for all, mass sports events are booming, people’s enthusiasm for participating in fitness activities is growing day by day, and people enjoy a healthy life, which also makes the city glow with infinite vitality.

As an independent IP event in Chengdu, the fans’ fitness Festival has been committed to promoting bicycle culture and bicycle sports for many years, and has achieved fruitful results.

It is praised as the “Chengdu Model” of Chinese bicycle sports by the China Cycling Association.

On June 25, the first stop of the two-day 2022 China Chengdu Tianfu greenway international bike fan fitness festival was staged again in Beilin greenway, Wenjiang District.

The track environment was picturesque, and the contestants praised it one after another.

More than 4million people watched the live broadcast online.

Sports change the city and make life better.

With the holding of the fans’ Festival, cycling has been integrated into the life of Chengdu citizens, so that people in this city can enjoy the beauty of life.

The main venue of the event is located in Beilin greenway, Wenjiang District.

The 12 districts (cities) and counties involved in the Eco Park around the city are linked as sub venues in multiple places.

The purpose is to rely on the unique greenway ecological resources of Chengdu, make use of the geographical conditions with different styles of each district (city) and county, attract more citizens to participate in it, and advocate the new sports fashion with the concept of ecology, green and health.

This event is hosted by China Cycling Association, the Publicity Department of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of sports, the working committee of the organs directly under the CPC Chengdu, and the Wenjiang District People’s government, and organized by the Organization Department of the CPC Chengdu Wenjiang District Committee, the Chengdu Wenjiang District Bureau of culture, sports and tourism, and Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

there are elite groups, youth groups, women groups, masters groups, youth groups A and B, Experts from all over the country competed on the Beilin greenway, and the champions of each group fell to their families.

In the 84.5km elite group race, which attracted the most attention, Hu Zhichao from CCN – Ruibao Chinese team won the yellow shirt.

Hu Zhichao, a famous athlete who has participated in the National Games and is known as the “magical little black”, put on a yellow shirt at the Chengdu fans’ Festival.

He said: “we have come to Chengdu many times to participate in the fans’ Festival.

For cyclists, Chengdu is a treasure land for cycling.

It is a city that they don’t want to go when they come.” “The fans’ fitness Festival is the first cycling event organized by China Cycling Association in 2022.

It has made efforts and contributions to the resumption of work and production under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and also reflects the responsibilities and responsibilities of Chengdu municipal Party committee, Chengdu municipal government and relevant departments.” The representative of the China Cycling Association gave great affirmation to the fans’ Festival.

He said that since its successful holding for 13 years, the fans’ Festival has become one of the city’s own brand bicycle series events with the longest continuous competition cycle in China, and has made a significant contribution to promoting national fitness and the popularization and development of cycling.

Focusing on the theme of “rejuvenating China, developing sports and improving people’s health”, this year’s fans’ Festival continues to lead citizens and government officials to participate in cycling, and personally experience the important achievements of Chengdu in building a park city demonstration area that practices the new development concept.

Compared with previous years, this year’s car fans’ Festival has been bold in exploring and innovating in the concept, ideas and methods of organizing competitions.

Taking the car fans’ Festival as the carrier, it has built a big stage for the in-depth integration of sports events and national fitness, aiming to make more sports development achievements benefit the masses.

The event was founded in 2010.

The event took the promotion of cycling and the cultivation of reserve talents as its own responsibility.

After 13 years of holding the event, it entered 12 districts (cities) and counties and successfully held 44 events.

The event culture of “I ride and I am happy” attracted more than 200000 people to participate in the event, radiating more than 5million people, and enjoying the unique natural scenery and cultural customs of each host place.

This year, Chengdu’s “new railway 3” rushed to the hot search, riding circles on the greenway around the city, setting up tents in urban parks, climbing Longquan Mountain at night to see the sunrise.

The unique sports mode of the park city has filled the sense of ceremony of Chengdu people’s life.

Among them, riding is popular because it is not restricted by region, age, time, etc.

The greenway, the wheat fields, the sea of flowers, various roads and bridges, and the online red cards frequently appear in the circle of friends of Chengdu citizens.

According to the smart greenway big data center, during the May Day holiday, the Tianfu greenway app riding zone was used more than 290000 times; According to the data of meituan bicycle, the total mileage of cycling in the first three days of the May Day holiday was 366500 km, an increase of 139% month on month, equivalent to 3665 cycles of Greenway around the city.

It is worth mentioning that in the ecological park around the city, which is composed of 121 ecological parks, 100 km of greenways are connected throughout the city, creating a green, fashionable, comfortable and comfortable riding site, attracting cyclists from all over the country to “fly” to Chengdu to experience the charm of greenways and the fun of riding.

Citizens’ enthusiasm for cycling and their pursuit of a healthy life are inseparable from the drive of the fans’ festival for more than ten years.

Since the fans’ Festival was held, the original intention has been to advocate low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy cycling.

In terms of setting, the event integrates professional competition and national fitness.

In addition to the competitive competition of professional drivers, there are also event activities for children and teenagers and the parent-child outdoor Carnival participated by the whole family, which drive more and more people to join the cycling.

With the new belt of sports, the whole family can come to the greenway to enjoy the sunshine and sports.

The happiness of the people is simple and substantial.

At the same time, since the fans’ Festival was held, it has witnessed the development and changes of the city in the way of cycling, experienced the improvement of the ecological environment brought by the construction of the park city, created a new scene of fitness in the park city with cycling, and realized the creative transformation of the ecological value of the Tianfu greenway..