On the tenth day of “riding in China”, climb over Dongda mountain, challenge the Nu River to turn 72, and find more beautiful scenery!

The first stop of “riding in China” large immersive financial media live broadcast “let’s go to Lhasa” jointly planned by Shandong TV culture and tourism channel, together with lightning news and Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club, leaves Rumei Town, Mangkang, which means leaving the Lancang River Basin and entering the Nujiang River basin where Zuogong county is located.

Today is a challenge for us to climb not only the dangerous and difficult jueba mountain, but also the Dongda mountain pass at an altitude of 5130 meters.

In a small river, we met an uncle who moved from the winter pasture and was making the unique butter milk tea on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

Arrive at Dongda mountain, the pass with the highest elevation in Shanghai on the South Sichuan Tibet line.

There was snow around.

Although there was sunshine, I still felt cold in my down jacket.

Oxygen is scarce at high altitude, so an oxygen bottle is necessary for every person.

“Hengduan Mountain is difficult to travel by road”, the lyrics are catchy and well-known to all women and children, but only those riding on G318 Sichuan Tibet line can understand the taste.

It is the spirit of Sichuan Tibet highway people to build a road to happiness with life and youth! We set out early in the morning, from Dongda mountain, which is more than 5000 meters long with thin oxygen, down to Zuogong, which is more than 3000 meters long with green vegetation.

At noon, we finally had a short rest time ~ the most challenging place for driving skills has arrived! We walked through the yellow green mountains and came to the famous “72 turns of Nujiang River”, which is the most dangerous road on the Sichuan Tibet line.

The curves are sharp and steep, and most of them are U-shaped.

Many cars walking along this section of the road are careful.

But when we stand on the top of the mountain and look down on the road we passed when we came here, perhaps the detour has become a beautiful scenery in the journey of life.

Yela mountain, 4658 meters away, is full of green and leisurely yaks.

They casually enjoy the wind and sun of the plateau and the beautiful scenery, constantly attracting tourists from all over the country to punch in.

The host explained in front of the camera, but kept breathing oxygen behind the scenes, giving great praise to all the partners of the live broadcast team of “riding in China”! Nujiang bridge, located in Basu County, is known as “the throat of Sichuan Tibet line”.

The Nujiang River Bridge currently in use is the third generation bridge.

Beside this bridge, there is a pier that will never be demolished.

There are heroic deeds hidden in it.

Vehicles passing by will whistle to pay tribute.

Thank you for the strong support of China Television Tourism Alliance, Guangdong Radio and television culture and tourism center, and Beijing life channel! A comprehensive audio-visual sense of China’s magnificent rivers and mountains will bring new cultural and tourism experiences to netizens across the country.

Tomorrow is the 11th day of “riding in China”.

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