Riding is like cultivating immortals. What level are you in?

Riding is like cultivating immortals.

There are many levels between them, from refining Qi to crossing robbery and soaring.

What level have you reached in riding? During the Qi refining period, seeing the riders on the road, he felt very handsome and was excited about riding.

He liked mountain bikes with rough shapes.

The first car was usually permanent or Phoenix.

He thought that bicycles were hundreds of pieces.

I rode on the road for the first time.

After riding for 5 kilometers, I felt very far.

Although my butt was a little painful and my hands were a little numb, I fell in love with this feeling of freedom.

During the foundation period, you can easily ride for 10 kilometers, and start to ride to and from classes (classes), enjoy the feeling of the breeze, and compare the speed with the battery car.

I gradually feel that my bike is not good-looking or easy to ride.

I can’t walk when I see the stores of giant and Merida.

My biggest wish is to buy a giant ATX or Merida challenger.

Jindanqi is no longer satisfied with riding in and out of classes (classes), but will occasionally ride to the suburbs and other further places on weekends, start to pay attention to bicycle forums and wechat groups, often participate in cycling related discussions, and occasionally participate in cycling activities organized by riders once or twice, but it can’t keep up.

Chinese Confucius said that “sex is similar, but habits are far away”, and divided human nature into nature and acquired; Zhang Zai’s dualism of nature in the Northern Song Dynasty divides human nature into temperament and destiny.

Dialectical materialism believes that there is no transcendental human nature and transcendental good and evil.

Any real human nature is the result of human subjective and objective interaction on the basis of genetic factors in the social environment, in which human social practice has decisive significance for the construction of human nature.

In the field of modern western psychology, there are three typical representatives: ① Freud psychoanalysis emphasizes the interpretation of human beings’ whole and behavior with human instinct, which is an instinctive determinism or genetic determinism; ② Behaviorism goes to the other extreme, otherwise it is innate instinct.

It advocates that all human behaviors and natures are acquired.

It is the connection and systematization of stimulus response, and it is an anti instinct theory or environmental determinism; ③ Humanistic psychology opposes both instinctive determinism and acquisition theory, and advocates that human nature is instinctive, that is, human desires or basic needs are innate to a certain extent, but the behaviors or abilities, cognition or feelings related to them are not necessarily innate, but may be acquired or expressed after learning or guidance.

Maslow believes that human nature is the sum of all human attributes, and instinctive needs are the concentrated expression of human nature.

Are you a woman who is too emotional? Every night at 9:30, I will be here with you.

If you like Uncle Ye, share [listen with you at night before going to bed] with your friends.

Good night@ Start with the brand-new (or second-hand) giant (Merida), feel like a new gun, and start to buy more professional and safer riding equipment such as riding gloves, helmets, riding pants, etc.

Yuanying’s vision was opened by other riders, and he found that his riding level was still a rookie.

His extreme speed was actually the average speed of some masters.

It turned out that there were more bike brands besides giante.

Start exercising hard.

In order to become stronger, even if you don’t participate in activities, you will go out cycling alone.

I began to learn equipment knowledge hungrily, and felt that my car still had a lot of room to upgrade.

In the spirit melting period, you can ride at an average speed of 30.

In collective activities, you can often lead the ride in front.

At first, some riders call you “the great God”, but you always shake your head modestly, “I’m far from the great God”.

Riding a mountain bike, you are no longer satisfied with the flat road.

You begin to ride into the mountain to pursue the thrill of ruggedness.

In order to pursue speed, you bought another road car and began to pursue equipment brands, such as Shimano, specialized, mavic, Sidi, Giro, fox Are your favorite brands.

During the retreat period, you began to pay attention to all kinds of competition information, and occasionally participated in some competitions.

Although the results were not good, you saw many masters and realized your ability boundary.

For more scientific training, you bought a heart rate band and a power meter, and for exercise at home, you went into the pit of the riding platform.

At last, you have trained your power to 200W in the Mahayana period.

The average speed of 35 is as common as eating.

You can also enter the top 20 in amateur competitions.

You have become a real God in the eyes of local motorists.

You changed your car to trek/specialized pneumatic money.

In order to repay the loan, you tightened your belt and lived on dirt.

But you still can’t get rich by competition, because it’s too difficult to win the top few, and you begin to doubt life.

After experiencing or witnessing several painful car crashes during the robbery, you are afraid.

You find that you don’t want to ride a bike.

You haven’t even touched a car for a whole month.

You began to reflect on the significance of riding? You think it’s difficult to improve your level, and you don’t love cycling so much, so you sold the riding platform, sold many of your favorite cars, and only kept 1-2 commemorative ones.

In Zhenxian period, you start riding again, but you no longer pursue speed and begin to become a Buddhist.

You find that after slowing down, everything around you becomes so clear.

The scenery in the mountains is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the people are very friendly.

Riding to the top of the mountain in the suburbs at night, the mountain wind is a little cool, and you are moved to tears when you see the lights of the whole city.

You ride more carefully.

You upgrade the disc brake system with better braking for the remaining bike, and replace the self-locking with the flat pedal.

You begin to plan your next long-distance trip.

“Thank you”, you touch your bike, you regain the fun of riding, and you have become a fairy.

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