H5 online tree planting and riding tickets are free… Arbor day should be like this~

Arbor Day on March 12, 2019, thousands of trees grow grass and trees.

It is warm in the sun, warm in the wind, and green in the spring.

It is hosted by Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, Wenzhou environmental protection volunteer Federation, Wenzhou drainage Co., Ltd.

Committee of the Communist Youth League, Wenzhou youth work Committee of the Democratic League, Wenzhou evening news, hello travel Wenzhou Branch The “beautiful China, I am an actor – I add green to Wenzhou” Arbor Day theme publicity activity jointly organized by Wenzhou Women Photographers Association and other units has begun ~ activity content one “have you planted trees today?” H5 online games do you know that the earth is greener than 20 years ago? Do you know what a tree can do? What about an acre of woods? How did the saplings in the desert become a green ocean? Identify the QR code and explore in the game ~ long | press | scan | code | participate in | and get free Hello bike tickets of “free riding in the city to plant trees” from March 10, a total of more than 10000 Hello bike riding free tickets, 2 for each.

Low carbon travel, add green meaning to Wenzhou ~ identify the QR code and get it ~ long | press | scan | code | participate in | and three offline tree planting activities.

Representatives of environmental protection personages in the city are invited to carry out “ecological public welfare forest” tree planting activities in the South sewage treatment plant of Wenzhou drainage Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Ecological civilization education base.

At the beginning of spring, the branches and leaves are scattered, and the sun is shining.

In this vibrant season, plant an environmentally friendly seed ~ everyone is watching ➤ everything is beautiful, and it is happening quietly…

➤ dry goods! Environmental protection keywords in the 2019 government work report ➤ scientists first found…

➤ dry goods at the depth of 10000 meters in the earth’s ocean! Environmental protection keywords in the 2019 government work report ➤ the first investigation and review of soil pollution in Wenzhou was carried out..