Riding into the pit — the whole process of starting the beloved Brompton folding car

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Source: Zhihu, author: Dasheng middle-aged man, a former sports lover, 996 overtime dog has been lack of exercise for many years; Last year, in particular, I was under too much pressure.

I always worked overtime, stayed up late, tried to eat, and didn’t exercise.

I was a little depressed.

This year, a friend came to remind me that my back was a little bent and a little hunched.

I found that I was hunched unconsciously, my back could not be straight, and my core muscles lacked strength.

At the beginning of the year, I began to try to recover.

When you try to run, you don’t feel that you have a big physical problem, but you’ll catch your breath.

In addition, the air is still dry and cold at the beginning of the year.

You’ll want to stop after running for a while, and your cardiopulmonary function degrades a lot.

Try to play badminton.

Because there are many pauses in the middle of telecontrol and the fitness of heart and lung is much stronger, you stick to it 1-2 times a week for a month.

Although your body’s agility, flexibility and strength can not recover to a good state at once, you can straighten your back when standing and sitting a month later, The strength of the core muscles of the body has been preliminarily restored, and the effect is very obvious.

But in the process, I twisted my left knee when playing badminton because I didn’t exercise for a long time and I was too fierce all of a sudden.

Now it takes three months to feel basically good, but I still feel a little bit.

Then I discovered the new world.

When I asked my sisters out to dinner at the weekend, I suddenly talked about cycling.

I was very happy.

I felt that the amount of exercise this week was made up by cycling at the weekend.

I rode 30 kilometers back and forth for two and a half hours.

When I first stopped, I felt that my ass was not my own.

After a while, I felt that the blood flow in the knees of my two feet was very comfortable.

I directly felt that a deep massage of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis was given to my inactive left knee.

After coming back, I thought about going to and from work every day.

I can also ride a bike.

After work at night, I frantically checked the data.

My initial goal was to focus on road vehicles and folding vehicles.

I talked about the brands of giant, Dahang, xidsheng and Merida every day.

I met a friend who had a road car and a folding car.

According to the analysis, the road car is quite different from the ordinary bicycle we ride, including shared bicycle.

At the beginning, we may need to adapt, In addition, it is suitable for longer distance traffic (my company chose different routes between 3-5km), so I focused on the folding car.

Shangxianyu pulled the folding car all over and found 4-5 alternatives that were relatively reliable.

The models focused on the P8 and sp18 of the big line, but the problem came.

In fact, I am not a person who knows the car.

I can’t judge whether the car is good or bad when I pick up the used car face to face.

I want to find a friend who knows the car Friends go together and ask for a long time.

In fact, no one really understands it.

Then I called Dahang’s exclusive store.

The store’s words helped me a lot in making decisions.

Either buy a new one, or buy a second-hand car I know a friend.

If I don’t know it, I don’t consider it.

The model is the most expensive one within the budget, and I get the goods for every penny.

A friend’s college classmate has a big line sp18.

Although he bought it in 16 years, it doesn’t matter.

I went to pick up the car on Saturday night.

It was about 10 kilometers from MBA to school on Sunday.

I was excited to ride my new car for 40 minutes.

It’s faster than the first weekend ride.

As soon as you hit the road, you find the problem.

The handle is shaking.

The height and direction of the front handle are adjusted before getting on the train.

But on the way, the handle is shaky and very short.

The direction of the handle is also tilted and then stabilized in a fixed skew direction.

Not only does the handle shake, but the whole car also feels a little shaking, especially on the riverside road with some small stones and sloping places.

The shaking motion is more and more obvious.

It’s still very tired to ride down as a whole.

I still feel a little hairy in my heart.

I feel tired, shaking and unsafe.

After thinking about it, maybe I’m too anxious.

I should have seen more when buying a car.

I’d better go to the physical store to see the car.

First of all, I picked up a circle of road cars & folding cars in Zhihu.

Combined with the offline stores in Beijing, I focused on TREC Trek and giante giant.

At the same time, some friends who had just bought Xiaobu Brompton thought it was very easy to ride, and decided to go to Xiaobu’s physical store to have a look.

Trek focused on emondasl5 and SL6, all carbon racks; The sl6.3 million is 10 thousand less expensive than the SL5.

The speed change is better.

In addition, the tires are also carbon frames.

Test ride the SL6 (7kg +), the shape and riding feeling of the car are quite different from those of ordinary bicycles.

As soon as you get on the car, you are already in a competitive state with your back bent.

At the beginning, you are a little nervous.

The seat will be set relatively high.

You can’t sit with your feet next to the ground, but you adapt after two rounds.

Although the whole car looks very large, it is very light and smooth to ride It turns and moves forward with your heart.

The braking of the brake is also very good.

The overall feeling is light and balanced.

In two words, it’s a good car.

The clerk in Trek’s direct store has been emphasizing to me that this car is the entry-level model of their family.

Giante also focused on some columns of cars with carbon frame structure, and his goal was to target Trek’s emonda series.

The TCR with all carbon structure is 20000 smaller, but it is 10000 cheaper than that of TREC.

It is not as good-looking as TREC, but I don’t feel much difference in all aspects.

It may also be that I’m an introductory Xiaobai, and I can’t understand the differences in details, especially when I’m just trying to ride.

Finally, when I got to Xiaobu’s store, I directly compared this car with the second-hand big line sp18..