Cycling diary, the 124th day of chasing dreams~

1、 The diary is interesting.

After today’s video was released, suddenly a staff member of the blueprint variable speed brand contacted me.

He said he would like to invite me to try out the blueprint products for cycling.

Could you leave a contact information.

I haven’t replied yet.

I don’t know much about the blueprint transmission and haven’t used it.

I just heard it’s cheaper.

Some fans are using it.

So I mentioned this in the video.

Unexpectedly, they were caught by their staff.

I was thinking, what a coincidence? Just seen the video? Or their staff use some kind of information filtering technology to screen the keywords of all published bicycle riding Related videos every day.

Then I found that their product names were mentioned in my works.

Then he found me.

But I’m not interested in their stuff, mainly because I don’t understand it.

It’s the first time I’ve heard of the blueprint for express and Shimano.

Which do you prefer about express or Shimano? A fan in the comment area said, I like to work together to grow in size.

It is also said that the Shimano leather of the highway kit is durable, the logic is clear, and the quick connect weight has a slight advantage, but the logic has to adapt.

The distinction between mountain kits is not obvious.

After hearing what they said, I think it’s all good.

Second, save money to buy Golf goal: Earn 100W from scratch, and then buy a favorite car for yourself.

The time is set to be achieved within two to three years.

(the content is still in revision) on the 124th day, I saved 00 yuan today (everything has just begun ~) III.

challenge riding for 1000 days (20 kilometers per day in the first stage) in order to keep fit, maintain a good physical state, because there is an old saying: the body is the capital of revolution.

This is a protracted war, so we must keep the body healthy and energetic before we can continue to fight.


jiawechat that private wechat wants to know: afan202068 believes in dreams and the power of faith.

I believe everything is possible~ 。.