Ride Longquan Mountain – Hejia mountain

Ride Longquan Mountain Hejia mountain on December 29, 2021.

Pass through laogaoqiao Wugui mountain peony scenic spot → Hejia mountain.

Return from bailiangzi.

The frosted Dogtail grass is a great project in Grandpa Mao’s era, Dujiangyan supporting project – Renmin canal in Jifeng section.

Classified management of garbage by rural farmers {loquat bloomed years ago and fruited years later.

Nearby: China Germany Express (Zhongjiang → Deyang) under construction.

Far away: Chengdu economic circle ring line and Dejian (Deyang → Jianyang) expressway that have been opened to traffic.

Gaomiaozi tunnel of China Germany express is under construction..