Riding in Shapu dragon boat park 2022 (12)

Jul.082022 riding in Shapu dragon boat park finally waited until it was sunny.

I came out to drive a motorcycle.

I haven’t moved for so long in the rainy season.

Take a panoramic camera, shoot the scenery on the road, and see the dragon boats in our village.

The dragon boats will start in 10 months, hahaha.

HD link: riding in Shapu dragon boat park 2022 (12) http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3440 Record the picture of riding, and use the panoramic camera to bask in the rock.

Shoot it first and then edit it, which is very easy to use.

The day before departure, I planned to travel.

If I didn’t find the key, I knew there was an accident.

It must have been that I didn’t pull out the car key.

I didn’t react when I looked at the screen.

Unfortunately, the battery is out of power.

Immediately emergency rescue, the original melon boss taught, and called brother Niu to help push the cart.

Exhausted under the scorching sun and heavy rain, he failed.

The chicken brother who beat the crazy duck immediately came to Wenchong for emergency rescue.

After using Jianglong to connect H9, he easily hit it.

After many days of wind and rain, the water of the Pearl River is muddy, and the water quality of the sealed Longchuan dock is very clear, which makes people have the impulse to swim.

The water level of Dragon dock is not enough, and the head and tail are exposed.

With a tripod, one can shoot outside.

Walk through the park road and record the changes of Shapu quay over the years.

The bamboo forest is well set up and a good place to take photos.

The dense lychee forest and ancient forest at yongbian have been cut to pieces, and the new forest has not been able to return to the old tree shading scene for 20 years.

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HD link: ride Wenchong 2022 (13) http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3441 Riding in Shapu dragon boat park 2022 (12) http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3440 。.