Riding safely with helmets – civilized traffic proposal

Show benevolence, protect people’s health, and make all employees travel in a civilized and safe manner.

Wearing a safety helmet is an effective measure to protect the life safety of electric bicycle riders.

In order to condense the consensus of civilized transportation and jointly build and share a safe, civilized and harmonious road traffic safety environment, the Civilization Office of Fuzhou children’s Hospital of Fujian Province issued the following initiatives: 1.

Start from me, everyone should practice and participate.

Riding safety is no small matter.

Wearing safety helmets is related to the personal safety of riders and the happiness of families.

Please abandon the fluke mentality and one-sided thinking of “no accident in driving skills” and “it is inconvenient to wear helmets”, consciously regulate the wearing of safety helmets, abide by traffic laws and regulations, travel, and achieve “nothing wrong”, prevent “nothing wrong”, protect your own safety, and make your family feel at ease.


Demonstration first, promote the cadres and workers, especially party members and cadres, to play a leading role, actively remind their relatives, friends and colleagues to wear safety helmets, and jointly create a safe and civilized travel atmosphere.

Good luck accompanies civilized travel.

Let’s start from now on, from every ride, wear safety helmets, develop good habits, and escort life safety! Talk about civilization and build a new atmosphere.

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