Riding is practicing. Equestrian teaches us four things!

There is a saying that riding means practicing.

This means that equestrian learning can not only learn professional riding knowledge, but also recognize the relationship between people and animals and between people and nature in the process of getting along with horses.

Riding is like the epitome of a life journey, with confusion, joy, harvest and close friends! Today, Lianlian will share with you four things that equestrian has taught us.

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Before you have in-depth contact with horses, you must think you are a very patient person! Even if you feel a little impatient in your daily life, how can you be impatient in the face of such a cute little animal as a horse? Until one day, you try to put the horse into the carriage.

Under the scorching sun, no matter what kind of guidance you use, your horse is always unwilling to move half a step in the carriage.

You even searched a lot of information on the spot, but those cold words seem to be of little practical use.

You’re a little irritable, but you have to pull the horse to the race.

So you accompanied your horse for several hours, and finally succeeded! This makes you suddenly realize that you are so patient in front of horses, just like your children, helpless but hard-working! 2.

Insist that many people think they are a three minute hot person, and even you joke that your motto is “fishing in three days and drying the net in two days”! Until they met equestrian.

When you first learned to ride, you fell in love with this feeling.

But with the introduction of the coach, I found that there was no crash course in equestrian, only persistence and practice day after day.

So I started to go back and forth to the horse farm every week, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Because you always feel that you need to be cured by regular contact with horses.

After persisting in learning for a year, you participated in the first equestrian race.

Although it was only flat, it made you gain a lot! Looking back, I found that I had been studying for a whole year! This long persistence surprised me deeply! 3.

Trust sitting on a horse for the first time does not entirely depend on your courage, and trust in horses also accounts for a large part! Otherwise, how dare you lift your feet off the ground and rely on your balance on a huge animal? When you began to learn to jump obstacles, you hesitated and feared when you first tried to jump 90 cm high.

You began to doubt your horse’s ability.

When you were about to jump, you were still thinking about this problem, so your horse refused to jump for the first time.

The coach found your problem and told you to trust the horse, because the horse can sense your trust in him.

You are skeptical, but you still try to believe in horses.

Sure enough, you succeed! Since then, you have no doubt about this.


Time management learning equestrian will not make you become a “Sea King time management master”, but will let you learn to plan your time reasonably and improve your life efficiency! When you first started riding, you found that it was a long way to the horse farm, and it took at least half a day to toss around.

Sometimes I sleep in and go out in the morning.

As a result, after equestrian class, it was already threeorfour in the afternoon.

The day passed like this.

Later, in order to enrich your weekend, you learned to get up early, plan your trip for the day, and even learned to plan what to do when going to the horse farm today.

Slowly, you extend this planning skill to all kinds of things in life.

In this regular rhythm of life, your state is getting better and better, and you look energetic every day! When we begin to sum up experience, at first we always think that people are teaching horses to do things, but in fact, horses are imperceptibly teaching us.

This kind of moistening silently makes everyone who studies equestrian feel healed ~ horses are so interesting ~ Chinese platform..