Riding in Fuping strange tree garden and surrounding ancient tombs

The official name of the “strange tree garden” of Fuping network red punch card is “Shaanxi forest landscape greening engineering Co., Ltd.” it is located on the Jingshan plateau 150 meters west of Beilu group, Liuzhao village, Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province.

There are more than 4000 trees in the garden, such as Sophora japonica, saponin horn and pentagonal maple, covering an area of more than 400 mu.

Because the roots of the trees in the garden are intricate and strange, like giant root carving works with life, it is called “strange tree garden”.

There are many round mounds around the “strange tree garden”.

Who would have thought that these inconspicuous “mounds” were the tombs of the relatives and relatives of the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago – the tombs of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty.

The mausoleum of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, is located in the field of Yonghe village, Xumu Township, Sanyuan County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, to the southwest of the “strange tree garden”.

The straight-line distance between the two is less than 3 kilometers.

Most of the accompanying tombs of the mausoleum are distributed near Lucun Township in Fuping County in the northeast.

The number is second only to Zhaoling Tomb of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty.

According to various historical records, there are as few as 25 and as many as 67.

Now, more than 30 accompanying tombs have been excavated or have tombstones, including Li Feng tomb, Li Shenfu tomb, Li Xiaotong tomb, Zang huaike tomb and fan Xing tomb.

Due to the rain on the weekend and the epidemic prevention and control, many places can’t go.

So I went to Fuping strange tree garden nearby and visited several accompanying tombs of Tang Xianling.

Starting from Yanliang District of Xi’an City, ride up the slope to Jingshan plateau, and then go to Lucun Township through “Zhonghua Commandery”, chujiayuan and fengjiayuan villages.

Enter Beilu village from the archway of Beilu group in Liuzhao village.

There is a tomb of Li Feng, king of Guo, in the field 350 meters west of Beilu village.

Li Feng (622-675) was the fifteenth son of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, and was granted the title of king of Guo.

This is the joint burial tomb with his wife Liu, and also one of the accompanying tombs of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty.

In 1972, Li Feng’s tomb was washed away by rain.

The cultural relics department carried out rescue excavation and found a large number of cultural relics and exquisite frescoes of ladies.

There are no signs except a pile of weeds in the tomb.

There is a mausoleum of Li Yong, Li Feng’s grandson, 250 meters northeast of Li Feng’s tomb.

Li Yong (687-727), a minister of the Tang Dynasty, was conferred the title of king of Guo, and was buried with emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty.

In 2004, the rescue excavation was carried out because the tomb was stolen.

At present, the tombs are only sealed without tombstones.

More than 500 meters to the west of Li Feng’s tomb is the tomb of Li Daojian, the king of Lu.

Li Daojian (685-738) is the great grandson of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty.

His tomb was stolen for many times.

In 2017, the cultural relics department carried out a rescue excavation and unearthed pottery figurines and exquisite murals.

There are only isolated mounds of earth left in these tombs.

The tomb of Xiangyi King Li Shenfu is located in the northeast of zhangjiayuan village, Xumu Township, Sanyuan County, Xianyang city.

Li Shenfu (579-651), grandson of Li Hu, Emperor Taizu of the Tang Dynasty, was the cousin of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty.

After his death, he was buried with Li Yuan and offered his mausoleum.

His posthumous title was gong.

There is a cultural relics protection monument that can prove the identity of the owner of the tomb in front of the tomb mound.

The location of several other known burial tombs: Peng Wang Li yuanze’s tomb: 250 meters southeast of Nanzhuang Village, Lucun Township, where the soil remains.

The joint burial tomb of Princess Dachang of Huainan and her son-in-law fengyandao: 300 meters south of jiaocunbao, dongshangguan Township, northwest of liutiaodao village, half of the earth is sealed.

Fangling Princess Dachang tomb: 250 meters north by west of Shuangbao village, Lucun township.

The appearance of the above burial tombs is similar, except for the overgrown mounds without any other signs.

Fuping strange tree garden is a free scenic spot, no admission is required.

There are many kinds of trees in the park.

It is also a good place for summer recreation in summer.

After visiting the “strange tree garden”, we returned to Yanliang via Fuping County, ending the half day ride, with a total length of more than 30 kilometers.

Several accompanying tombs of Tang Xianling around the strange tree garden (end).