No. 5 cycling notice of Haidian fleet in 2022

Riding date: September 3, Saturday meeting time: 7:00 riding route: Bodhisattva deer meeting place: Xiyuan special tips during the epidemic: 1.

Do not participate in the activity if you have a history of time and space contact in the epidemic area, a health treasure pop-up window, a cold or similar symptoms in the previous 7 days; 2.

Keep a distance of more than one meter from each other throughout the cycling activities.

Do not pile up, shake hands or touch each other.

Wear a mask when talking to each other; 3.

Please keep away from others when coughing or sneezing, especially when riding.

Note: ride Bodhisattva deer and gaoyakou to Xiadian road without passing Liucun roundabout.

The specific route is as follows: rest point: gaoyakou village 9:30..