How to ride 25km for more than 2 hours?

How to cruise at a high speed without relying on brute force and skills? For example, you can ride at a speed of 25km for more than 2 hours.

After hearing this, I wonder if you are interested in looking down.

Maybe n people will jump out and say that the speed is 25km per hour.

It’s too simple.

I can ride a princess car at this speed.

The speed of 25km is really not difficult, but what if you want to keep it easy for a long time? What if it is kept for 2 hours and 100 km? I guess it’s not that easy.

Now I’d like to share with you how to easily maintain a speed of 25km / h for long-distance riding without brute force.

Part I: standard and correct riding posture standard and correct riding posture is the premise of correct pedaling.

Without correct riding posture, there is no skill to speak of.

Keep the speed of 25km / h for a long time.

Naturally, you can’t feel uncomfortable.

PP pain, neck pain, arm and wrist pain, leg stretching and so on will definitely affect the quality of riding, and it is naturally difficult to maintain the speed.

You may wonder why the old bird doesn’t feel uncomfortable and feels uncomfortable everywhere.

In fact, our PP is also long, and the equipment is only part of it.

More importantly, we have a good riding posture.

The angle of a sports bike is different from that of a civilian bike.

The height of the seat cushion and handlebar is close to the level (my seat cushion is higher than the handlebar).

When riding, the natural arm not only controls the direction, but also supports the weight of the body and shares part of the pressure of PP.

Many riders unconsciously support their hands on the handlebars when riding, with bent elbows and stiff wrists everywhere.

It can be said that the brain completely relaxed and unconsciously grasped the handlebar.

The forearm is too hard, the elbow is stretched straight, and there is no room for wrist movement.

If you ride for dozens of kilometers, it’s strange that your arms, shoulders and wrists don’t hurt.

How to achieve the correct riding arm posture? Actually, it is very simple.

Always pay attention to the posture of your shoulders and put your hands on the handlebars! There is a slight feeling of the front top of the shoulder, so that the elbow joint can maintain a moderate extension space, and then tighten the armpit to help stabilize the body.

Each person’s arm flexibility and joint flexibility are different.

They can imitate the riding posture of an expert, but they cannot completely copy it.

It’s easy to find the most suitable arm posture by feeling, adjusting and paying attention to the problems.

Next, the posture of the waist and back mentioned the waist and back.

I would like to talk about the cushion first.

You may feel that the two things are not related, but the relationship between them is very close.

The height and angle of the cushion are not correct, and the correct posture of the waist and back cannot be guaranteed.

I have seen many riders say that they have super pain after riding PP, which leads to what oppresses the perineum, prostate, etc.

Why do tour de France riders not feel uncomfortable in their crotch for a day? Why has cycling become the second largest sport after football in Europe, which pays great attention to the quality of life? Therefore, if you master the correct riding posture and choose a suitable cushion, you can ensure the comfort of your stride.

First, check the height of the cushion.

When riding, the legs should be 80% extended.

The knee is not completely straight.

PP doesn’t slide left and right on the cushion when riding.

The simplest way to test the height of the seat cushion is to sit on the car and step on the foot with the rear heel.

When the foot reaches the lowest point, the leg is completely straight.

Then, when stepping on the foot with the front foot, the knee can basically be properly bent.

Crotch height * 0.875 = the length from the top of the seat cushion to the central axis of the tooth plate.

This is the height set by the seat cushion summarized by professional drivers.

However, it is definitely not the most suitable height for different people.

You can adjust it slightly according to this length.

After the cushion height is set correctly, immediately adjust the cushion to the full level! Don’t press down in the front.

The seat cushion of WTB should be slightly tilted up in the front! When the cushion is designed, the design effect can only be achieved by horizontal angle design.

Pressing the front can be defined as a Shanzhai technique.

The size of European player JJ is not smaller than ours.

Why don’t people press down the front of the cushion with such a thin and hard cushion? I have been puzzled about why this happened for a long time.

I learned by chance on the Japanese forum that the secret is to straighten up the pelvis and sit on the seat cushion.

How to straighten the pelvis? The secret is found in Taiwan magazines, that is, the position of the navel is tightened back and up, in fact, the belly is slightly tightened! After the abdomen is closed, the arm placement method mentioned just now will immediately achieve an effect, that is, the back presents a beautiful curve ~ so that the uncomfortable feeling under the crotch can say goodbye to yourself!!!!!!!! The second part: the stepping posture was corrected, followed by the promotion skills, stepping.

The first thing to mention is the gear ratio.

The wrong gear will make the treading training impossible.

If we use light gear ratio, what will be the result? 1.

The muscle burden is relatively small and it is not easy to accumulate fatigue.


When I started, it was easy to step on, and the speed was quickly increased.


You can give full play to your physical strength.

If the heavy tooth ratio is used, the results are as follows: 1.

The muscle burden is very heavy, and it will soon consume physical strength.


The start is slow, and it takes more time to improve the speed.


Trample without skill.

How to use the correct gear ratio? According to your physical strength and road width, try to maintain a tread frequency of 90 rpm.

Such a gear ratio is a good gear ratio.

For example (9-stage variable speed system).

If we are going to ride at a speed of 30 on a flat road, the gear ratio should be the middle plate to the eighth gear (2 * 8).

When I go uphill, I find that I am tired and can’t step on 2 * 8.

The step frequency speed drops from 90, so I need to adopt a more relaxed gear ratio.

If the speed of uphill is 25 and the step frequency is maintained, then the gear should be 2 * 6..