The 52 year old father rode 2000 kilometers to see his daughter. It’s so cool!

Source: WeChat’s official account, ID:tianda1895, recently, a father rode 2000 kilometers to read his daughter’s news.

He study hard and “study hard.

After I ride to see you,” he said, “when he was in the freshman year, he used a love journey to practice his promise to ride his daughter.” in May 14th, Zhao Danning, a master of Tianjin University, ushered in the school’s gate “hero in the heart” – which lasted for 13 days.

Riding more than 2000 kilometers from his hometown of Heilongjiang to visit his 52 year old father Zhao Baoren, “study hard, I’ll ride to see you later.” six years ago, when Zhao Danning first entered the University, she didn’t take his father’s words seriously.

After all, it takes a day and a night to ride a train from his hometown to Tianjin.

How can she get there? Zhao Danning, who has been insisting on “good study” from undergraduate to master’s degree in the past six years, has grown into an excellent student.

She has won a national scholarship and was rated as one of the top ten outstanding young people of Tianjin University Outstanding members of Tianjin Communist Youth League have served as assistant to the president of students and participated in the graduate education support group to support teaching in Gansu for one year…

Having witnessed his daughter’s efforts and growth step by step, Zhao Baoren decided to fulfill his promise of that year with action.

He started to start from Mishan, Heilongjiang Province during the recent May Day holiday and rode a bicycle all the way south for 13 days.

Even if he experienced wind, rain and muddy roads on the way, he never gave up riding 208 After arriving at Tianjin University for 5km, he also hopes to inspire his daughter to be ambitious and contribute more to the country after leaving school in the future.

Zhao Danning is surprised and excited about her father’s arrival.

She also likes riding influenced by her father since childhood Skiing and other sports not only gave her a healthy physique, but also forged her stronger spiritual will.

In the years of studying and living in college, whenever she encountered difficulties and challenges, she always remembered the phrase “stick to it again”, which dad often said to herself, “the distance of more than 2000 kilometers is unimaginable for me.

I don’t think many people can ride down by themselves with a bicycle.

Dad is a great hero in my heart”, Many netizens praised his father’s teaching by example: “he has set a good example for his daughter to fulfill her promise” and “this perseverance is worthy of respect” Father love is like a mountain.

Father is a tough tree and warm sunshine.

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