Riding breathing skills! Can you?

[analysis of breathing principle] in cycling, breathing is scientific.

Maintaining good breathing is conducive to muscle movement.

For example, breathing is closely related to the energy conversion efficiency of the body, so as to provide sufficient oxygen in order to let the muscles release more energy.

Human muscle contains adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the best transformation state in about 7 seconds! Once used, blood sugar will be automatically converted to ensure continuous energy supply for muscles.

Oxygen is the necessary condition for its transformation, so grasping breathing is conducive to the release of muscle energy! [tips] many riders ride quickly at the beginning.

After a period of time, they are prone to abdominal pain, which is actually caused by improper breathing and mixed external air irritating the pleura and intestines.

It is inevitable that you need to breathe through your mouth when riding, but you are not encouraged to breathe cold air directly, but adjust flexibly according to the road conditions.

When riding on a flat road, you can breathe normally with your nose.

You can also use your mouth to drive your abdomen to breathe when your mouth and nose are down and avoid the limelight; When a large amount of oxygen is needed to go uphill, you can breathe completely through the mouth.

At this time, the skill is to open the mouth naturally and roll up the tongue slightly to help heat the air and reduce the stimulation to the internal organs.

[special attention] when breathing, not only clean air, but also polluted air, dust and bacteria will be brought in at the same time, which will stimulate the lower respiratory tract and cause lung damage; Runny nose is a typical symptom of upper respiratory tract infection.

Especially when riding against the wind, cold air goes straight into the respiratory tract and reaches the lung cavity, and cough, runny nose and other symptoms are inevitable.

At this time, you should consider inhaling with your nose and exhaling with your mouth.

With the help of nasal hair and nasal cavity, you can filter and warm the air to reduce the irritation to the upper and lower respiratory tract.

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