Classic cross-country cycling route, recommended collection!

20000 bonus + lifetime VIP! Dalian new airport! At the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival, Lushunkou District launched 11 Golden sports tourism routes, including 3 cross-country routes focusing on outing and cherry blossom appreciation, as well as looking for historical sites (old buildings) There are five leisure travel routes with local customs as the main line, and three cycling routes with the main line of experiencing the customs of Lushun coastal harbor.

Among them, the cherry blossom diffuse 25 km cross-country route in the sports tourism and sports health care route, the charming harbor 45 km cycling route can be called a classic, and the most popular Cherry Blossom diffuse 25 km cross-country route.

This route is 25 km long, with beautiful and pleasant scenery throughout the whole process, especially Lushun cherry garden (formerly 203 cherry garden), It is the largest cherry garden in Northeast China with the most cherry trees and the most complete varieties.

It attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms every year.

The mountain road section has lush vegetation, fresh air and refreshing.

It is an ideal route for citizens and tourists to go for outing, leisure, fitness and health preservation.

Specific route: Shengli tower (starting point) in taiyanggou scenic spot – Youyi Road – West Bank of Longhe Trail – Jiusan road – Sigou road – Soviet Martyrs Memorial Tower – Chuang Guandong film and television base – chair mountain Fort (134m above sea level) – dacanzishan Fortress (190m above sea level) – innovation Street – Lushun cherry garden – district Party School – South Bank of Sigou reservoir – 2003 highland ruins (203m above sea level) – innovation Street – Chuncheng road – West Fort (129m above sea level) – Maolin Street – Central Street – former site of Dahe Hotel – former site of Lushun normal school – Lushun Museum – friendship tower – phonograph Museum – Shengli tower in taiyanggou scenic area (end point).

The 45 kilometer cycling route of charming harbor is a 45 kilometer long route, which is accompanied by the light rail all the way through the coastal “landmarks” such as Lushun Xingang wharf, world peace park, tahewan happy coast and Kaishi navigation era.

Riding along this line, you can have a panoramic view of the development of Lushun for a hundred years, so that you can experience the unique style of Lushun charming harbor at a close distance.

Specific route: east entrance of Guoshui Road (starting point) – Xincheng Street – district government – Guoshui Road overpass – Xincheng Street – Chuncheng road – No.

3 high school – Baiyang road – Daxing Road – Shunda road – Lushun Xingang road – Xinggang road – bingang road – World Peace Park – bingang road – Haihui Street – Boyang primary school – Zhongmu road – Zhangjiu road – Yanbai road – Youyi Road – Huanghe Road – Lushunkou scenic spot (former military port Park) – Changjiang Road – Baiyin mountain tunnel – Lushun South Road – tahewan happy coast – Kaishi navigation era – Guojiagou Village (destination).

Friendly reminder 1 before exercise, you should rationally evaluate your outdoor activity ability and fully warm up.


When riding cross-country, the water loss is very fast.

You should prepare enough drinking water and drink a small amount for many times.


For sunscreen, try to wear cycling clothes or sports clothes to reduce the exposed parts.

Sunscreen products can be selected according to the situation.

4 riders should wear safety helmet, knee protection, elbow protection and other protective equipment.

5 strictly abide by the traffic rules.

Pay attention to environmental protection and do not litter.

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