“Riding” anti epidemic, really pull the wind!

The recent epidemic situation is grim and complex.

Everyone is slowing down, calming down and stopping, but there is still a team active in the streets.

That is the team of delivery delivery workers.

On April 15, the first batch of “one heart (riding) anti epidemic vanguard” in Gusu District, composed of more than 400 delivery workers, was officially established.

The “delivery boy” turned into a “pioneer Knight”.

In order to give full play to the unique professional advantage of “riding on the road” in the delivery industry, Gusu district actively promoted the “one heart (riding) anti epidemic service for thousands of families” in the takeout distribution industry to help the epidemic prevention and control, actively guided takeout distributors to report to the community and formed a “one heart (riding) anti epidemic vanguard”.

The team members sent the key points of epidemic prevention to thousands of households by hanging horns in the front of the car and pasting publicity slogans on the takeout box, and took the initiative to be mobile “publicity volunteers”.

By providing personalized order service and quick order and quick connection, we can solve the urgent problems of residents, build a strict defense line for epidemic prevention and control in the takeout industry, and actively contribute to social prevention and control.

It is reported that meituan, hungry, dingdong, boxed horse fresh and other takeout distribution enterprises actively responded to the government’s call and quickly organized and mobilized the majority of takeout distributors to join the “one heart (riding) anti epidemic vanguard”.

“We are usually mobile, fast and have a wide range of contacts.

We have unique advantages in helping epidemic prevention and control.

It is even easier to publicize epidemic prevention policies and popularize epidemic prevention knowledge.” Takeout delivery workers will also help the community “run errands” by providing personalized order service and fast order quick connection, so as to solve the urgent problems of residents during the epidemic.

It is reported that the takeout distributor is linked to the community.

The Haitang pioneer in the community is responsible for collecting the needs of residents with difficulties and feeding back to the takeout distributor who is linked.

The takeout distributor is responsible for purchasing and then handing it to Haitang pioneer to meet the needs of residents’ living materials.

At the same time, the District Street linkage strengthened the organizational care of the delivery personnel, made good use of the special party fees for epidemic prevention and control, equipped the delivery personnel with emergency epidemic prevention materials, opened up a green channel for nucleic acid sampling and provided warm-hearted services.

Join hands to fight the epidemic and pay tribute to all the ordinary and great staff serving the front line of the epidemic.

Suzhou release source: Organization Department of the district Party committee, Publicity Department of the district Party committee, District civilization office, Jinchang street, Wang Lili part of Photography: Li Yuan of Suzhou daily editor: Wang qiuqian, do a good job in protection ↓↓↓..