Correct cycling skills of cyclists

Cycling can exercise your body and cultivate your sentiment, but you should not only ride hard, but also pay attention to the correct riding posture, so as not to cause sports injury.

The following are some riding methods for riders’ reference: first, do not make sudden moves in the team, and be sure to maintain a stable riding action.

There is nothing like the emergence of a manic driver who can disrupt the overall progress of the bicycle fleet.

Some people will make sudden actions that threaten the safety of members of the whole team.

In any case, we should maintain the riding principle of smooth movement and mastering the road conditions in advance.

Motorcade travel is a sport that requires mutual trust.


Don’t ride with both hands in the team.

Be sure to keep the palm of your hand in the brake handle, down bending handle or the top of the handlebar close to the standpipe in the car row.

There are several reasons why you should never ride with your hand on the rest handle: first, you will be scolded by other drivers.

Although this is an old-fashioned problem, there are still many people who commit these problems.

Second, putting your hands means that you mainly use your elbows to control the movement of the car, which is far less maneuverable than putting your hands on the grip – which means it’s not a way to make you popular in the group.

Finally, in an emergency, you have to sit up suddenly to find their position because your hands are too far away from the brake grip.

Yes, of course! We don’t expect to slow down when the motorcade is moving, but if it’s really necessary, you’ll have to rush to find the brakes.


do not change to the highest gear when climbing the slope.

Be sure to choose the appropriate gear that allows you to pass the slope smoothly.

When crossing difficult road sections, some people often change to large gear position because they can’t stand it.

Although, if you maintain the momentum, you can cross more smoothly when you hit a stone or tree root; But on the contrary, if your speed is not fast enough, you may “stand still”.

If your physical strength is strong enough and your technology is enough to cope with uphill road conditions, it is certainly good, but once your tooth position changes your head, you will stop on the way at once.

Therefore, when climbing the steepest uphill, it is better to lower the tooth position.

When encountering stones or protrusions protruding from the ground, you can easily support the obstacles without dragging a heavy step.


don’t step on the pedal when you go uphill.

Be sure to make good use of the tooth position transformation to keep your force application stable when you go uphill.

You may have ridden like these people in the past – sprint every time you encounter an uphill slope, move your hips away from the seat and step hard.

This will not only undermine the coherence of the group, but also cause everyone to break their legs.

Even in the most relaxed competition, at the last ten miles, everyone often falls behind because of fatigue.

Climbing is a very difficult stage, but at this time, the most important thing is not to try hard to keep up with the main group, but to try to maintain the stability of speed.

Don’t be overly heroic during the game.


don’t stare at the route or obstacles on the road.

Be sure to focus on the moving line of your bike.

Have you ever found a big stone on your way and tried to avoid it – but hit it impartially? The reason is simple: the car moves with your sight.

If you keep your eyes on the obstacle, your bike will naturally move towards it.

Fighter pilots call it a “directional landmark” – as long as they concentrate on the landmark, they can accurately return.

The same situation will happen on land.

The solution is to focus on the route with good road conditions ahead, Be sure to keep your focus, and the bike will automatically follow your line of sight.


when climbing the slope, don’t suddenly stand up and ride.

Be sure to move your hips away from the seat slowly with gentle and smooth movements.

When you suddenly stand up and climb the slope, your bike will have a slight tendency to recoil, and the body swing from side to side will offset the power of the front wheels, or at least scare your peers into a cold sweat.

If you continue to harass your companions in this way, your risk rating among riders is bound to be very poor.

Stand up smoothly from the sitting position, change the tooth position to one or two tooth positions heavier than when you sit, cooperate with the up and down rotation of the pedal, rotate the hips up and forward, and make the hips leave the seat, so that your weight rotates along the pedal, and don’t hold the handlebar tightly.

Your goal is to be able to change speed from sitting to standing at one go.


When turning, the inner pedal should not be below, and the center of gravity must be placed on the outer pedal.

The most frustrating thing is to see the driver turn the corner, put the inner pedal down and touch the ground a few centimeters later.

Once the pedal hits the ground, the rear wheel will hit the road, resulting in an out and out car crash.

To make a safe turn, stop pedaling as you approach the corner and keep the outside pedal down (if you want to turn left, turn the right pedal down; vice versa).

While stepping on the pedal, shift the body’s center of gravity to the outside of the body and slightly lift the seat.

Make sure the inner pedal is on the, so as to avoid injury.

In addition, lower the center of gravity to safely and handsome turn.

During rush hours, choose vacant parking areas and practice your cornering skills.


Don’t tighten your upper body and ride desperately.

Be sure to relax the palms, arms and facial muscles..