Riding an electric bicycle without a helmet? Exposure!

Cough, if you don’t want to wear an electric bike today, it’s very important for me to say something like this.

Yes, if you ride an electric bicycle on the road without wearing a helmet, you are likely to be captured and exposed directly on the large screen after face recognition.

On the morning of August 12, Jinan traffic police conducted a pilot work at jingshiweiyi intersection to collect information on uncivilized behavior of driving electric bicycles without safety helmets.

At present, Liu Chaohui, deputy leader of the middle brigade of Jinan traffic police, the traffic police department is persuading the owners of electric vehicles and bicycles without helmets.

In addition to the “one out of three” persuading mode, the exposure platform exposure mode has been started in some sections.

If the electric vehicles do not wear helmets, they will be exposed after capturing.

In the next step, the information of personnel without helmets will be copied to the municipal civilization office, and the personnel involved in civilized units will be notified to their units.

Liu Jingwei, the squadron leader of the women’s squadron of Jinan traffic police middle brigade, in our daily traffic management work, after many electric vehicle accidents, the parties involved were seriously injured in the head because they did not wear safety helmets, thus endangering their lives.

If you wear a helmet, in case of an accident, it can disperse the impact strength and protect the head under the violent impact, so as to ensure the life safety to the greatest extent.

Of course, the police also investigated and advised the illegal carrying of people by electric bicycles and not wearing helmets at the scene.

Electric bicycles can only carry one child under the age of 12.

Moreover, why do you only wear helmets for the eldest and the second? Wear a helmet ≠ wear a helmet.

Remember, your helmet is not for the traffic police, but to protect yourself.

Whether it is the “1 out of 3” publicity and persuasion mode or the face recognition exposure system, our goal is only one: for safety! Civilized travel and protection of life, starting from the “head”, @ all Jinan people, do you wear helmets on electric bicycles today# The advertising time # is sponsored by the traffic police detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau and Qilu bank, and the selection activity of “Qilu Bank Cup” and “star of civilized transportation” in Jinan is launched by the radio and transportation channel of Shandong Radio and television station! We invite you to praise the civilized behavior on the road!..