Latest bulletin! Investigation on fire and spontaneous combustion of “7.18” electric bicycle

Hangzhou market supervision department carried out the investigation on the fire and spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles on July 18.

After the fire and spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles in the West Lake scenic spot on July 18, Hangzhou market supervision bureau immediately organized forces to start the relevant investigation.

According to the vehicle registration information provided by relevant departments, the owner’s vehicle was purchased from the “satisfactory car shop” in Shangcheng district.

The brand was czymh and the model was tdr1572z.

It was first licensed on November 14, 2018.

The license plate number was hang 2670192 and changed to hang 3548010 on April 6, 2021.

On July 19, law enforcement officers went to the “satisfactory car shop” for inspection.

The business scope of the car shop includes the sales of electric bicycles, etc.

At present, the car shop is still selling czymh electric bicycles, but there is no electric bicycle of the same model (tdr1572z).

This brand of electric bicycle is produced by Hangzhou Centrino Yamaha industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

and obtained the production license of electric bicycle on June 7, 2017.

The license number is: (Zhejiang) xk16-002-00079, which is valid until July 11, 2022; After the electric bicycle was transferred from license management to CCC management in 2019, the enterprise currently entrusts Wuxi bondu Technology Co., Ltd.

to OEM production.

As for whether the battery of the vehicle involved was replaced, no replacement record was found on the site, and the relevant situation is being further verified.

The inspectors will conduct quality sampling inspection on two electric bicycles of the same brand and different models and a lithium battery pack sold by the store, and will dispose of them according to the test results in the later stage.

Next, the market supervision department will continue to conduct in-depth investigation on the vehicles involved after determining the cause of spontaneous combustion according to relevant departments.

At the same time, the city’s market supervision department will immediately carry out special rectification of electric bicycles in the field of production and circulation.

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