As a social animal, I enjoy the freedom of cycling

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I ride a bike almost every day.

Of course, my purpose of riding every day is definitely not to ride Ben back so stingy, but out of a hobby and need.

On weekdays, I just got off the subway in the morning.

If I see a shared bike nearby, I will ride to the company; After work, if there is a shared bike downstairs, I will ride to the subway entrance.

In this way, for only ten yuan a month, I can shorten my commuting time and save time to do what I like.

With a kick, the cool wind played with each hair, and the hair roots were crisp and numb, like being licked by a small animal in spring.

When the wind is coming, the French Wutong on the roadside is cluttered, and my clothes are gently stirred by the wind, like the streamers that are being blown up on the snowy mountains.

Take another deep breath and I feel the pleasure of opening every pore.

Why ride a bike? Because walking is too tired.

The difficulty of walking can be described by the lyrics: “smile step by step, grieve step by step, and disaster turns into moths to the fire…” it means that you feel fresh and happy in the first step, and you will be sad when you walk.

If you are not ill, you will feel numb when you walk a few more steps, and people begin to wilt.

At the end, you will feel sore all over, and it will become a “disaster of life and death” for people.

Compared with walking, cycling is much easier.

After all, there are more means of transportation, which can save labor.

When I step on it, it’s like I put a “fin” on myself.

I walk through the streets like a fish swimming under the sea.

I can go further with it.

One thing I also like to ride a bike is that it’s too boring to take the subway sooner or later.

I don’t know when people were driven into the underground, and they came and went on the subway crowded with people every day.

I didn’t buy a car.

On the one hand, it is unnecessary to waste the earth’s resources to build a car; On the other hand, after buying the car, you have to maintain it.

There may be scratches due to poor driving skills.

What’s more, although I got my driver’s license, I was afraid that I was a “road killer” and had no confidence in my driving skills.

Buying it might be a disaster.

The sun is just right at noon.

Cycling is a kind of compensation for me to take the subway sooner or later.

In addition, it is a shared bike.

I don’t have the pressure to keep it.

I don’t need to pay extra emotional costs for it.

I put it aside when I use it up.

Therefore, I can step on the car wholeheartedly and look at the high and shining buildings on the ground, the flowers and trees changing with the seasons, the fountain in the city center, or the sprinkler that I love “beeping and Lai Lai” when I pass by.

While riding, I will also “add drama” to myself, slightly adjust the rhythm of stepping on the pedal, pretend that I am stepping on a small broken tricycle, and pretend that I am a small salesman on the street.

While stepping on myself, I whisper: “cockroach medicine, ant medicine, bug medicine, rat glue, stinky foot killer…” I take the initiative to find some fun for the monotonous life.

What I meet in my life is no longer like in the subway, office The elevator is just so monotonous.

Every step I take is my own strength, so I can feel alive.

I experienced the feeling of “walking against the wind” and liberated myself from my work.

At noon every day, I will choose a yellow, a blue or a green car like “flipping the brand”.

Step on the first foot and forget all the troubles in the morning; With another kick, “there is no disorderly ear of silk and bamboo, and there is no form of paperwork”.

I carefully feel the resistance caused by the friction between the ground and the tire, which can make people focus and even make people feel free.

The feeling of freedom comes from obstruction.

A certain resistance makes me feel the rare freedom in life.

Due to the existence of bicycle, my activity boundary can be greatly expanded in the same time.

Let’s put it this way.

I’ve basically figured out the one kilometer turn around the company, which road it is and what food it has.

Among them, in addition to food, I visited the Municipal Library most.

The two hours at noon are my own.

I often take the opportunity to sneak to the library to borrow books.

The journey is six to seven minutes, much faster than walking.

However, if you stay on the road for a short time, you can walk around the library for a long time.

The library has eight floors.

At present, I have borrowed nearly 80 books.

I’m under pressure to return most of the books.

Therefore, through a bicycle, I not only expand the physical boundary I can reach, but also extend my tentacles to the human spiritual world.

In addition to borrowing books, the library recently held an exhibition of Raphael’s works.

At noon, I swept the exhibition before the exhibition on the last day.

In the process of watching the exhibition of Raphael’s works, I was attracted by the parts in the painting.

Although the protagonist in a painting is a person rather than a scene, and the characters occupy the largest position in the painting, I have no feelings for the people in the painting.

After all, the people in the painting are either noble women a few centuries ago or fat rich people, emitting a taste of “mediocre fat and vulgar powder”.

However, the background that Raphael inadvertently painted, such as Cangshan, ancient castle, path and running water in the distance, is not colored much, but has a kind of distant and mysterious temperament, which attracts me more than the people in the painting.

Perhaps this is the local power..