Riding an electric bicycle without a helmet “1 out of 3” online, what do you choose?

Today, when you brush your circle of friends, did you see such a “praise” message/ What do you think of promoting everyone to wear helmets by collecting praise/ You must have noticed that recently, maize has been vigorously promoting the importance of wearing helmets! Poke the link below to see the details.

Do you want to wear a helmet and fasten a seat belt? After reading it, you decide…

Did you wear a helmet on your bike today? Jinan traffic police remind you to travel in a civilized way: the safety of one helmet is often in the notice of Jinan Public Security Bureau on Further Strengthening the management of electric bicycles.

Many electric bicycle drivers feel that the speed of electric bicycles is not fast, and there is no need to wear helmets at all.

Some even feel that helmets are stuffy and hot, which is a burden.

But compared with life safety, is a moment really important? Electric bicycle drivers and passengers should wear safety helmets.

I don’t know how many times millet has said this, but many people are still lucky.

In order to comprehensively improve the helmet wearing rate of electric bicycle drivers and passengers and reduce the casualty ratio of traffic accidents caused by not wearing safety helmets.

The traffic police have made a “big move”! ▼ the “one out of three” publicity and persuasion mode of electric bicycle without helmet.

When the electric bicycle driver and passenger are checked and corrected without helmet, they can freely choose the treatment method, copy the management notice, collect praise from the circle of friends and persuasion at the intersection.


Choose 1 to manually copy the notice of Jinan Public Security Bureau on Further Strengthening the management of electric bicycles on the spot, and sign the letter of compliance of “I have an agreement with the traffic police”; Now, according to the outline provided by the traffic control department, wechat is compiled and forwarded to the personal circle of friends, with more than 20 likes or comments.

At the same time, I have an agreement with the traffic police; Hold the “one helmet and one belt” persuasion flag at the intersection to persuade citizens who ride electric vehicles without safety helmets, publicize and advocate more than 10 people, and sign the “I have an agreement with the traffic police” to abide by the agreement.

Today, Lixia Traffic Police Brigade piloted the “one out of three” publicity and persuasion mode for electric bicycle drivers and riders without helmets.

They all “tasted” in advance.

Copy the electric bicycle management notice, the “Jizan” on duty in the circle of friends, and of course, the “nagging” of maize.

As of 14:00 p.m.

on August 11, Lixia District alone had persuaded more than 90 people through the “one out of three” publicity, including more than 30 notices on strengthening the management of electric bicycles by hand, more than 20 on road persuasion and on duty, and more than 40 friends’ circle praise.

A total of about 90 compliance letters of “I have an agreement with the traffic police” were filled in.

Therefore, if you don’t want to be stopped by millet to do this multiple-choice question on the road and don’t want to listen to millet “nagging”, wear a safety helmet when driving an electric bicycle.

Please remember, wearing a safety helmet correctly is not to deal with the inspection and correction of the traffic police, but to protect your own safety.

“Head” and other major events can not be ignored.

Civilized travel starts with “head”…