Bicycle travel is the best way to realize yourself

Cycling is a fair sport.

It brings happiness to all people, including people of any age and ability.

Every year along China’s long highway, we can often see many cyclists traveling by bike.

They come from different places, speak different languages and have different beliefs.

They ride from one end of the journey to the other end and pursue their own direction.

And record moving words and pictures.

Modern society has developed transportation, including planes, trains and cars.

Traffic extends in all directions.

Why travel by bike? Why do you suffer so much? Why do you need to be exposed to the wind and sun? physical exercise? Is it a test of perseverance? Is it to increase the conversation at the dinner table? See the scenery? Taste delicious food from all over the world? If you travel by plane, train or car, the goal of travel is point, then bicycle travel is line.

Bicycle travel will feel more fun and truly enjoy the magnificent scenery.

More detailed experience of local cultural customs.

Some people think it’s an experience.

A mood, an attitude towards life or a pursuit of life.

Like the feeling on the road, which is the most simple expression of every cyclist.

Ride on the open road.

Ride freely and stop whenever you want.

Go if you want.

Move towards your goal.

I don’t care about the end of the trip, but the scenery along the way and the mood of enjoying the scenery.

This is a way of travel fully integrated into nature, the most real feeling of freedom.

Although it is hard and tired, it is extremely happy and free.

Comfortable free world gallop, love the feeling of being exiled in nature.

Feel free to ride.

Record the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Learn to cherish your friends and learn to cooperate collectively.

To understand the true meaning of life, we are full of infinite longing and motivation for life.

Cherish every bit of the journey.

At the end of the National Road and between the snow capped mountains, the sky is a quilt, the ground is a bed, the vast starry sky, the desert next door and the South China Sea are full of cyclists and donkey friends.

Young friends need to experience.

You can constantly feel and understand in the journey of cycling.

Only by personally feeling the hardships and pain can we truly experience happiness and happiness.

Hard travel experience is a valuable asset of life.

Every experience will make people get spiritual sublimation.

Know how to face difficulties calmly and how to overcome difficulties with strong perseverance.

Cycling is the best way to realize yourself.

You can find speed, vitality, passion, independence, cooperation, and beauty in cycling.

Just doit a bike, a bag and a happy mood.

Get ready and go, friend.

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