Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you have to move on

Keep your eyes forward and hold your hands tightly.

When the wind blows under your feet, it is the time to take off! The scenery flows in my ears like a movie picture, and all the unhappiness is temporarily put behind me.

The back seat only carries courage and determination to move forward forever for the sake of distance.

This is the posture of youth flying in the years.

Today, world bicycle day takes you through the four seasons of young bicycles, and then to see the life of old bicycles.

Cyclists are young — bicycles parked in four seasons of colleges and universities.

It is said that people have a good time in their life, that is, riding bicycles on the road after school.

The people on the bus are flying like pictures, and the people watching the scenery are full of envy.

No.1 Wuhan University, you ride your bike freely like the wind, and your laughter falls into the grass like the sun.

Looking back, but the eyes are red for the gone time…

Go! We must rush to heaven and earth.

Photography / @ miss m classmate No.2 on the day when Renmin University of China can’t get together, I describe your flowers and trees in my heart bit by bit.

No.3 the dazzling sunlight of Fudan University leaked from the leaves and could hardly be seen directly.

Time has come to the noisy early summer of all things, and the upward passion and exuberant joy fill the campus.

No.4 Tsinghua University is sunny in the clear sky, the summer trees are in the shade, the green shadows are mottled, and the deep grass is mixed with the unique tranquil atmosphere of early summer, which is telling the dynamic vitality; The water is shining and the fragrance of flowers is dense.

It is embellished with buzzing and butterfly language to brighten your dream with a grand ceremony of life.

Wen / Hu Kun photography / @ cool little plum No.5.

The blue gray wall of Beijing Normal University, windy bicycles and verdant windows are soda flavored summer.

🍃 No.6 Sichuan University [early sunshine after rain] is not only a flower in the world, but also a blue sea and blue sky in a puddle after rain.

The smiles and smiles of the girls on the street corner, the ordinary happiness of the couples on the bicycle, the fragrant white shirts on the balcony…

All things are inadvertently stirring the inspiration and luck of life.

Text / Chen Chong / @ photography / @ Longguo_ No.7 everything about Xiamen University: it’s the students coming out of the library listening to songs, the clothes hanging on the balcony, the wind blowing, the bicycles lying on the roadside dozing, and the children playing in the shade of the trees & Photography / @ – Zhao gungungung – No.8 that summer of Zhejiang University, the car, the green.

No.9 Peking University [building block world upstairs] I stand upstairs and the world is miniature into my building block plate.

I saw myself and wrote several pieces of paper.

I saw the flower bed.

When I passed it, sometimes I walked alone and sometimes I was accompanied.

I saw the habitat of bicycles and I saw myself cycling away.

Photography / @ No.

10 Nankai University “may all joy accompany you.

Looking up is spring and looking down is autumn; may all happiness follow you.

The full moon is a picture and the lack of the moon is a poem.” No.11 Shaanxi Normal University remembers that the most important thing is to find your favorite rhythm and live slowly.

Photography / @ in a corner of Nanjing University, No.12, I never thought that you would leave a messy beauty with rare snow.

Photography / @ Zou Nanqiao People who remember cars.

Recalling youth is like riding a bicycle.

If you want to maintain balance, you have to keep moving forward.

Rolling wheels take away youth, but leave the most profound mark of life.

The back seat is reserved for you.

Do you want to come up and listen to the old story? As everyone knows, when you see the ocean of bicycles, you see China.

We are now talking about ordinary black bicycles that can be seen everywhere.

They are mainly composed of three brands: permanent, Phoenix and flying pigeon.

Flying pigeon is the product of Tianjin bicycle factory, which is rare in the south.

What ordinary families there dream of is a permanent or Phoenix Bicycle Made in Shanghai.

Father’s bike is a permanent brand.

From my memory to my study away from home, my father rode it all the time, leaving early and returning late.

On Sunday mornings, I can always see my father wiping his bike with yarn in the yard.

Now I think of that bike with gratitude, because it once maintained my life.

Childhood was sickly.

Many mornings and dusks I sat on my father’s bike on the way to the hospital.

Once my father took me on a bicycle for twenty miles to the countryside to find a barefoot doctor with a family secret recipe.

It’s hard for me to forget that the 20 mile road is about the stone road and Qingshiban road in Suzhou, and the other 10 mile road is the undulating mud road in the countryside.

I bumped behind my father like a small sampan, and my father was like a sailor who was familiar with the water conditions.

He tried to keep the bicycle sailing smooth.

Just as he was confident in his driving skills, he expressed full trust in my ability to take the car.

He said: it’s okay, it’s okay, you sit down, we’ll be there soon! How many Chinese have different affection for their father’s bicycle.

How many children sneaked out of the door on their father’s bike on Sunday to do what? Don’t do anything, just go cycling! The world is changing fast – including our bicycles and our lives.

Many years later, I still like to go out by bike.

I still like to look at young people’s fashionable and beautiful bicycles.

Sometimes you can find an old “forever” or an old “phoenix” in the traffic flow, just like an old man’s face full of vicissitudes, which reminds you of some stories of bicycles that will be lost.

I once rode behind such an old “phoenix” for a long time.

The owner of the car is a man in his fifties.

Next to him is a girl with the same endorsement bag.

The girl is riding a very popular “giante”, which is an orange mountain bike.

It is obvious that it is father and daughter..