Cycling memorabilia – bubagou reservoir

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Unknowingly, 2022 is coming.

January 1, It’s a sunny day at 0-14 ° C.

in the afternoon of 01, I rode with the team to the bubagou reservoir in Yangjiawan village, Hongshanzui town.

This is the third time to play.

The second ride came.

I hurried out at 1:20 p.m.

and rushed to the assembly site.

I had to ride for 89 kilometers first.

It was considered as a warm-up.

I arrived at 02 on time at 2 o’clock.

The sun in the afternoon was even stronger and particularly hot.

It was like early summer when we rode for a while and stopped to have a rest S302 and S302 At the intersection of lihuahu highway, the sky is clear and cloudless.

Let’s rest our horses.

Although it’s the third time to ride to the reservoir, we are still surprised by the calm lake and the scenery of the same color of water and sky.

The breeze blows across the lake and ripples layer upon layer.

The reflection in the water takes the opportunity to be naughty.

03 there is a tall small building on the opposite bank, which is like an observation platform.

Let’s go up and have a look.

It’s a good thing to ride to the opposite bank With the stone steps built layer upon layer, we pushed our horses up.

The horses were so heavy that people became tired and dogs were panting.

We went up first.

04 it took a lot of effort and finally came up to the villages, fields, trees All the water came into view.

From another point of view, the scenery here is still good.

We have the ability to go up and down.

Of course, we can go down.

Bit by bit, we moved our horses down the steps and down the hillside.

It’s not tired to ride a bike.

It’s mainly because it’s really tired to move around.

05 finally returned.

The sweat has already soaked the clothes from inside to outside.

We brush it proudly.

It’s too tired to rest It’s already 5 o’clock when I came back from riding.

The sunset melts gold.

It’s a beautiful scene.

But the level of photography is limited.

I can’t take a real picture.

The sunset is completely gone in two or three minutes.

The flowers bloom and must be folded.

Today, I ran in a big circle.

I opened the itinerary record from the start.

When I came back to the origin, I saw that it took me 5 hours to ride from my departure to my return.

It’s a little fun 2.

Keep exercising – end -..