Ride through Jinan in spring and “turn green” with KFC

In the colorful spring, if you choose the most popular color, it must be green.

Not long ago, Doudou rode along the moat with a “green” team through the spring of Jinan.

Last week, KFC’s energy-saving and low-carbon “small green stores” successively appeared in Beijing and Hangzhou, coincided with the 53rd world earth day, and KFC’s mobile dining car on Quancheng Square in Jinan also turned into a fashionable “small green store”.

The fresh and green overall appearance and bright signs are extremely eye-catching in Quancheng Square.

A spring low-carbon flash event called for more people to participate in low-carbon environmental protection activities.

What is low carbon life? KFC invited Liu Jinchao, head of Jinan green block environmental protection service center, and Lu Yaolong, a cyclist…

To promote green science and environmental protection knowledge to more people in a fashionable, interesting and warm way.

In terms of travel mode, KFC practices the concept of low-carbon travel.

Shandong KFC × Hello, let’s join hands on a spring “carbon” cable ride.

The tourists start from Quancheng Square and pass through Heihu spring, Baotu Spring and other famous scenic spots in Quancheng.

On the way, I not only enjoyed a romantic spring trip, but also publicized environmental protection and low-carbon to more places in Quancheng.

“There is a shadow of” carbon “everywhere in daily life.” We rode on the little blue car, took the little green man transparent card of KFC, and turned into a green “detective” to punch in and shoot all kinds of low-carbon “Landscapes” along the way, collecting a lot of low-carbon tips that we may ignore on weekdays.

By collecting puzzle pieces along the way, we worked together to complete the puzzle of “KFC small green store online”, open a new low-carbon life and jointly rush to the future of “nature and freedom”.

On the day of the event, the “Quancheng low carbon cycling group” was also established.

Leaders of Jinan ecological protection publicity and Education Center issued the first batch of certificates to self media representatives.

In the interactive link of three, green and low-carbon DIY, KFC is also unambiguous in every green detail.

The Da people collected a lot of spring leaves and petals along the way…

It’s of great use next! At the end of the activity, on the Bank of black tiger spring, the people used waste straws and fallen flowers and leaves collected along the way to DIY out beautiful flower photo frames.

Everyone will print out the low-carbon and environmental protection moments recorded during their riding and paste them on the DIY photo frame.

The natural and fresh feel can feel the breath of spring across the screen.

Four , low carbon life one click get , environmentalists also log in to the app to experience the online small green store and deepen their impression of the small green store through environmental protection measures such as taking it from the store with their mobile phone.

In April this year, KFC online “small green store” was launched, leading the trend of green and environmentally friendly life.

“Small green shop” one click Get low-carbon life; 300 million + KFC super app members linked punch in.

The online “small green store” also set up a “carbon reduction ranking list”.

This round will take three months as a season and send surprise rewards according to the “carbon beans” ranking accumulated by consumers.

During the event, users can use the collected carbon beans to exchange various coupons.

At the end of the season, the top 10 users of carbon beans in China will receive a KFC electronic gift card worth 500 yuan! Through the “small green store”, you will find that in fact, low-carbon action is around us ✅ Pick up your mobile phone order at the store ✅ Do not use disposable tableware ✅ Do not use straw ✅ “Clear Your Plate” campaign ✅ Garbage sorting…

Everyone can become a “green carbon detector” in life.

Doing a small thing can make the earth better.

What else are you waiting for? Be natural and comfortable with KFC, help carbon neutralization and embrace a low-carbon life// Today, are you low carbon? Welcome to leave a message and share your low-carbon lifestyle! Picture and text: Doudou Jinan Street Photo – Qilu Evening News fashion field new media business cooperation wechat: jnjiepai1606 reply to the following keywords to get more recommendations – stewardess – Trampoline – the most beautiful Jinan – Licheng No.

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