Pay attention to these regulations when cycling on the river beach in Wuhan

Which beaches can play roller skating? Can the riding time of Qingshan river beach be extended? Can some sports venues be built in Hongshan river beach? Recently, many citizens have asked questions about cycling on the river beach through the Wuhan City message board.

The Municipal Water Affairs Bureau answered one by one ▼ roller skating is available in the designated areas of Hankou river beach and Wuchang river beach.

Recently, Mr.

He, a citizen, left a message saying that his children love roller skating very much and hope to take their children to the river beach park to play roller skating during the rest.

He wants to know which river beaches in Wuhan can play roller skating.

In response to this problem, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau replied that public friends can roller skate in the designated areas of Hankou river beach and Wuchang river beach under the municipal management of the river beach.

Roller skate groups need to report to the river beach management organization for registration in advance and carry out activities within the specified time and area.

At the same time, we also hope that citizens and friends will jointly take good care of public facilities and maintain the order of the park, consciously abide by the regulations on the management of beach parks, and avoid interfering with the normal travel of other citizens and tourists.

Qingshan river beach continues to implement the time limit riding regulations.

Skateboarders are practicing on Qingshan river beach.

Photo taken by reporter Liang Shuang (information picture of Changjiang Daily) recently, Mr.

Li left a message for consultation.

What are the latest regulations on cycling in Qingshan river beach? In this regard, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau replied that according to Article 14 of the measures for the administration of the river beach in Wuhan, “except for vehicles for the disabled, other vehicles can enter the river beach only with the permission of the river beach management organization.

Vehicles allowed to enter the river beach should drive according to the specified route and speed and park in the designated area.” Manage the requirements of.

Considering the actual situation of the park, with the research and consent of the leaders of Bishui group industry company, citizens and tourists can ride on the greenway on the top of the embankment of Qingshan river beach from 10:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.

In April last year, the general office of Wuhan municipal government conducted a special study on the entry of bicycles into urban beaches and parks, and suggested that the open Qingshan River Beach (from Erqi Yangtze River Bridge to Jianshe No.

10 Causeway) should continue to implement the riding regulations from 10:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.

Hongshan jiangtan will actively promote the construction of sports venues and Hongshan jiangtan skateboarding park.

Photo taken by reporter Liu Bin (Changjiang Daily information picture) recently, Mr.

Wang left a message saying that the newly opened Hongshan river beach children’s playground has few facilities, and there are no basic fitness facilities such as single parallel bars.

There is no basketball court or football field in such a large venue, so the playability is not high.

He hopes to increase sports venues and facilities.

In this regard, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau replied that according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the public after the trial operation of Hongshan river beach, Hongshan District Water Affairs and lakes Bureau organized relevant units to conduct serious research and actively strive for the construction of relevant sports venues from the municipal and district culture and tourism bureaus (culture and sports bureaus).

At present, the construction of relevant sports venues is in the planning and research stage.

At present, there are children’s guide systems in the park, such as river beach and skateboard.

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