Ride the “most beautiful track” to compete for the “Pearl of the Yellow River”

Riding the “most beautiful track” to compete for the “Pearl of the Yellow River” Central Plains 2021-2022 Henan open bicycle race (Sanmenxia Station) was held (reporter Wu Ruoyu intern Kang Wenjun) champagne, trophies, flowers…

At about 9 a.m.

on July 23, the players of the “walking is my hometown” Central Plains 2021-2022 Henan open bicycle race (Sanmenxia Station) road men’s group experienced fierce competition, With the cheers of the audience, the first leg of the event was successfully concluded.

▲ “walking is my hometown” around the Central Plains 2021-2022 Henan bicycle open (Sanmenxia Station) award ceremony scene photographed by our reporter Wu Ruoyu.

The theme of this station is “welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress and entering thousands of families”.

It is sponsored by Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, Henan Provincial Sports Federation and Sanmenxia Municipal People’s government.

There are two project groups: the national experience group and the highway men’s group.

A total of 145 athletes from 26 teams across the province participated in the road men’s group competition, with a distance of 44 kilometers.

▲ the road men’s group competition started.

Photographed by our reporter Du Jie, at about 8:00 a.m.

that day, the players who arrived at the starting point of the competition in advance at the South Square of Sanmenxia international cultural and Expo City were all rubbing their hands and doing warm-up exercises.

Youth volunteers of the Youth League Municipal Committee, Sanmenxia blue sky rescue team, medical personnel and police personnel of our city have formed a joint force to provide a solid guarantee for this event.


Zhang, a contestant from Kaifeng cycling team, told reporters that he loved sports since childhood.

After trying many projects, he locked in his favorite cycling sport.

“Participating in the competition is also a process of learning.

Practice makes perfect, and practice produces results.” Zhao Suimin, a 67 year old contestant of Sanmenxia trek cycling club, is very excited.

He likes sports and fitness and looks very young.

He said that he has been in contact with bicycles for a year, and now he can ride more than 20 kilometers per hour.

▲ the highway men’s group passed through the ecological corridor of the Yellow River photographed by our reporter guxinfeng ▲ the highway men’s group entered Lingbao Hangu pass scenic area photographed by our reporter Dujie.

The wind was clear and the sky was blue.

After the launching ceremony, the race officially began.

The Sanmenxia Baili Yellow River Ecological Corridor has beautiful natural scenery and pleasant scenery.

The mighty bicycle team is like a dancing ribbon, one after another.

At the beginning, Zhang Weiyi from igsport Ruibao team chose the continuous breakthrough strategy, gave full play to his own advantages, and worked hard to break through in the front and continued to take the lead.

It is reported that due to the short schedule of this race, the players who are confident of staying ahead will choose this tactic, but riding alone ahead needs to bear more wind resistance and consume more physical strength.

At this time, the proportion of pressure and speed can be shown.

The reporter saw that the gosteshuqi team did not launch a chase in the early stage, and the four players in front were not members of the team.

Then, about 2 kilometers away from the finish line, Gong Linlang of the team started a sprint, and finally surpassed Zhang Weiyi to become the first in the race.

Zhang Weiyi was the second, and Kong Wensheng, also from the igsport Ruibao team, was the third.

In addition, Gong Linlang also won the best youth under the age of 25, the sprint king, and the first place in her personal total score, and won three honorary shirts.

▲ photographed by Yang Qifan when the contestants of the national experience group reach the finish line “I heard of the Henan cycling open around the Central Plains in high school.

This is a high-level event.

I’ve been looking forward to participating in this competition and expressing myself.

I’ve been riding for 8 years and came to Sanmenxia for the first time.

Here, I fully demonstrated my strength and achieved the best results.

I’m very excited.

This time, everything is inseparable from the cooperation of our team.” Gong Linlang from Sichuan said.

He believed that the opponents’ strength was equal, and the main reason for winning the championship was the cooperation of their team and the grasp of the opportunity.

Talking about his impression of Sanmenxia, he said that the scenery of Sanmenxia is very good, the people are enthusiastic, and the sports atmosphere is strong.

Riding on the beautiful Baili Yellow River Ecological Corridor is a very enjoyable thing.

Next, they will welcome the Lingbao race on July 24 and the Yima race on July 25.

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