Ride or travel or commute, it has everything you want!

What are you riding a motorcycle for? On the flat road, you say it’s to chase the wind and freedom; In sunny weather, you say it’s to immerse yourself in the beauty of the distance; In the early morning, you say it’s to get to the place where you struggle…

Maybe everyone has their own pursuit of locomotives, but there are few motorcycles that can meet all the pursuit.

But fortunately, it is one of them – adiva # aj201; aj201 is a pedal model jointly built by Italian brand adiva and China Jincheng Group, and gives it a more fashionable Italian design language – the body is more slender, the lines are more rounded, and deduces a more pure Italian style.

The comfort you want is that as a pedal motorcycle, the aj201 does not need to shift gears.

With its convenient riding mode of turning the accelerator, it adds more comfort and freedom to the knight’s riding road.

At the same time, the super thick filler of aj201 seat creates a hip wrapping feeling comparable to the higher-level large pedal.

The streamlined line design makes it easier for the rider’s feet to land and ride more comfortably.

The freedom you want, it has aj201 with large wheels of 100 / 80-16 inches in the front and 120 / 80-16 inches in the rear.

When turning at low speed or turning at high speed, it has very good handling performance, handy directivity and tracking, strong flexibility and stability.

The 150 mm high ground clearance allows the aj201 to pass through places where traditional pedals are difficult to pass.

The power you want.

It has power.

Aj201 is equipped with 189cc single cylinder water-cooled four valve DOHC engine, with a maximum power of 14.1kw/8250rpm and a maximum torque of 16.5n ยท M / 6500rpm.

The official speed is 126kpm.

Although the displacement is only 189cc, under the dual advantages of displacement and wheel hub, aj201 has basically reached the level of some 250cc scooters, and has two modes of eco and sport to choose from.

What you want is comprehensive.

It has patented technology, three-point support transmission shaft and bearing bush transmission structure, platform reticulate grinding and other mainstream technologies.

It is matched with Marelli closed-loop intelligent EFI system and meets the national and European emission standards.

It is a global model.

In the heat dissipation system, aj201 adopts the superposition of upwind water-cooled radiator and forced suction cooling fan, which can dissipate heat to the engine very efficiently.

In terms of brake configuration, aj201 is equipped with large-size disc brake, front three piston caliper at the front and rear, and Bosch’s tenth generation dual channel ABS system.

It is a rare configuration at the same level, and its safety can be imagined.

The distance you want, it has aj201 equipped with 8L fuel tank capacity, and the mileage can easily reach 300km under the fuel consumption of 2.2L per 100km.

At the same time, the auxiliary fuel tank can be installed, and the range can easily reach 700km without worrying about the problem of range.

LED headlights up to 80000 CD (lumen degree) are four times as high as 20000 CD specified in the national standard.

There is no need to worry even when traveling at night.

If you also want to meet your unique riding needs, come to the Northeast loose locomotive K11 city exhibition hall and let aj201 meet you!..