On May 14 and 15, [cycling youth] | professional skills training, 3D track training, Bidao cycling on Maozhou River, and visiting the

Let every growth have a different meaning and every challenge has an extraordinary definition.

Growth is never compared with each other, but today’s me is better than yesterday.

Tomorrow’s I can look forward to better.

The youth Cycling Group hopes that every child can focus on himself and the present.

Come on! Ride along the [Maozhou River] in the spring breeze, feel the scenery along the coast, touch the spring breeze blowing in the face, reach the most beautiful destination in laughter, and measure the world with wheels ~ — teacher — guided the children to summarize the riding activities — 01 Bicycle Factory Museum # enter the bicycle factory, visit the cultural museum and understand the historical evolution of bicycle.

Who was the first to invent bicycle? What was the first bike like? How did it become what it is today? While lamenting human wisdom, we are also thinking: what contributed to these inventions and creations? Can we also have our own inventions and creations? The answers are all in the museum.

Go and explore and find them! To what extent have bicycles been developed? Originally, there are so many categories of bicycles.

Which one do we want to experience today? The answer is in the museum.

Come and have a look.


Professional riding knowledge learning riding equipment mountain bike structure # safety signals and gestures learning in riding, it is difficult for teammates to communicate in language due to the influence of distance, environment and noise, so it is very important to learn to watch riding gestures, and learn the meaning and usage of professional riding posture and safety signals together to ensure the safety of the team.

Basic explanation of riding action riding brake gesture practice 03 How can professional riding skills training cross slopes and corners while maintaining stability? When can we accelerate, when should we decelerate properly, and how should the body cooperate? With these questions, we started professional riding skills training under the guidance of our teachers.

You are ready to start at any time.

What looks cool is not as difficult as you think.

As long as you study hard, you can learn it! How can we form a neat team and move forward at a uniform speed? Let’s practice together.

04.3d track riding training after learning so many riding related knowledge and skills, everyone must be uncontrollable and eager to try.

Don’t worry, we’ll come to the outdoor training ground for 3D track training and warm-up! This undulating and rugged simulated mountain road looks full of challenges.

But the more challenging it is, the more it can stimulate the fighting spirit of the team members.

Even if they fall, they don’t care! Wildness and bravery are shown here.


Riding on Bidao of Maozhou River??????? Maozhou river is the largest river in Shenzhen.

Riding on both banks of the river, the breeze is gentle, the reeds are swaying, the spring water of the river, and the charm of both sides.

The cool wind caresses your cheeks, the pressure is put behind you, the laughter of your friends and the guidance and encouragement of your teachers are the most beautiful memories that riding on Bidao in Maozhou river will bring you! The teacher affirmed the efforts of each child.

We set out from the factory and walked all the way along the river.

Queue and safety are the focus of this ride, but there are no special requirements for speed.

The enthusiasm of the team members to compete for the first is commendable, and their good riding ability is also impressive, but good team riding guidelines are also very important.

Only when everyone in the team follows these guidelines, can we realize the fun and strength of team riding, and we are a well-trained team in our own eyes and others’ eyes! The orderly progress of small riders selects the 6.8km section of Bidao road of Maozhou River, about 14km back and forth, which is not a small challenge for the baby riding for the first time.

There are also some uphill roads and stairs.

Everyone clenched their teeth and survived in the way of “combination of push and lift”! Many babies didn’t ask teachers and partners to help, because they thought “I can!” If we can’t ride, we may feel very tired and difficult to adhere to when we push together, but if we encourage each other, we will have more strength.

As long as we keep moving towards the only goal, we will always approach slowly.

Wind boys, come on! We are always on the road, we will never give up! At the round table summary meeting, children share their understanding of persistence and harvest end..