Ride Fuping Pinshan to explore the ruins of ancient Mingyue Temple

Fuping frequency mountain, also known as Mingyue Mountain, is named for its shape like the crescent moon.

It is located in the north of Xue Town, Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province.

The main peak is 1437 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Fuping County.

During the Qin Dynasty, stone temples were built on the mountain tops.

Some people said that they were the hall of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and there was also a legend that they were the “Mingyue Temple” in memory of General Wang Jian of the Qin Dynasty.

Later, it was gradually abandoned.

During the reign of the Qing Dynasty, local villagers raised funds to rebuild the Mingyue temple in jiulongyu at the foot of the mountain, which is a temple integrating Buddhism and Taoism.

In 2018, Yan Liang riding friends once rode to visit the Mingyue temple in jiulongyuli.

For details, see the travel notes at that time, “riding in Fuping Mingyue temple and jigedao Temple”.

At that time, I didn’t know the way to the top of the mountain, so I didn’t have the opportunity to see the dignity of the ancient Mingyue temple, leaving a trace of regret.

Recently, I saw that Fuping County has built wind turbines and built mountain roads on the mountain.

Some tourists have been the first to visit the ancient Mingyue temple, so I was very excited.

Finally, I waited for this opportunity and decided to ride on the top of the mountain and see the ancient temple with my own eyes.

After several days of rain, the weather finally cleared up on the weekend.

Unable to wait for the earth to work for a few more days, he couldn’t wait to ride a mountain bike and go to Fuping Pinshan alone to find the ancient Mingyue temple.

Ride slowly uphill for 30 kilometers along G108 and S209 to caochun Town, Fuping County.

Pass through caochun town and continue to go north along S209, turn into the village at Xiazhuang village, and go northward along the village road to didian village.

There are all kinds of food and accommodation supplies in didian village.

After replenishing water, ride eastward along the township road y437 Dabai road in the village.

Entering Dapo village, the road condition in the village is not very good.

Turn north at the intersection near the village committee of Dapo village and start entering the mountain.

Ride up the mountain along a gravel road in “Hougou”, and you can see a row of wind power generation devices on the mountain.

Dapo village is about 45 kilometers away from Yanliang District of Xi’an city.

This road is very rotten.

Broken stones of different sizes are scattered on the road, and the wheels keep slipping when riding on it.

Moreover, because it has just rained these two days, the ground is not completely dry, and the road without stones is relatively muddy.

In addition, the road is pockmarked and cracked, so it is impossible to ride, so you can only get down and cart.

The cart is also quite tiring.

Think about it.

When you go down the mountain, the slope is steep and the road is slippery, and you can’t ride.

It’s better to put the car on the side of the road and walk up the mountain by yourself.

So I found a place to lock the car, put water on my back and started hiking.

Looking at the fan on the top of the mountain and the road circling on the mountainside, it seems that there is still a long way to go before the fan.

On one side of the road is a mountain and on the other side is a gully.

You can vaguely see a cave on the mountain opposite the gully.

There are many animal footprints found on the soft dirt road, which should be dog paw prints, and these dogs should be not small.

At an intersection, I met a villager who was repairing the road and talked with him.

The villagers said that he lived on the mountain and repaired the road because it was washed away by rain.

By the way, I asked him about the location of the ancient temple.

The villagers pointed out that it was behind the last fan.

However, he reminded me that there were groups of wild dogs in the mountains, and suggested that I find a stick to drive away those wild dogs.

Hearing this, I remembered the dog paw prints I had just seen, so I immediately became alert.

Villagers said that this path can also reach the top of the mountain.

Although it is much closer, the road is muddy and difficult to walk because it has just rained.

I saw a sign on the road saying “Beware of hidden dogs inside”.

It seems that I’d better take the main road.

After walking forward a little longer, I turned a corner and went uphill.

There was a railing in front of me on the road.

Looking back from here, I saw the shortcut and the last fan on the top of the mountain.

Vaguely, you can see a building on the top of the mountain near the fan.

According to the villager just now, it should be the ancient Mingyue temple.

Moving on, I heard the sound of running water at a corner.

It was strange that there would be water on this stone mountain, so I searched for the sound.

Indeed, a mountain spring flowed out of the mountain and continued to flow into an artificially built pool.

After walking for a long time, I finally arrived at the place where the first fan was located, and the fan was close at hand.

The turning point was a fork in the road.

Turn left to reach the fan, turn right to go to other fans, and then turn right to enter a forest.

At this time, we have basically reached the top of frequency mountain, and the road behind will walk along the ridge.

At the foot of the mountain, I didn’t expect that there were trees on the top of the mountain.

I thought it would be nice to have some shrubs.

Go through the woods and get under the second fan.

There are two fans in front of this one.

The “settlement observation point” device is installed on the ground under the fan.

Looking back on the road when I came here and the two fans I passed just now.

There are two fans ahead, and the ancient temple is near the last one.

The road on the ridge rises and falls, going from one mountain to another.

Reach the third fan.

Finally, it took two and a half hours to walk six kilometers to reach the bottom of the last fan.

The mountain road suddenly stopped under the fan.

Here, you can clearly see the ruins of the ancient Mingyue temple in the distance, but you just don’t know where to go.

As the dirt road here is still muddy, it also brings difficulties to find the way.

Finally, I found a path on the left leading to the back of the mountain, so I walked along it to have a look.

On the way, I met some herb gatherers, who came up in a three wheeled trampoline and picked Forsythia in the bushes.

Looking at the top of the mountain, a huge stone wall stood in the grass, which showed that the scale of the temple was still very large at that time.

Since no one has come up for many years, the shrubs on the mountain are so tall that it is easy to find a path through the bushes to reach the site.

All the walls are made of locally sourced stones, which are neatly built.

Mingyue ancient temple.

The couplets on the left and right of the gate should be written by later generations, “learning from Yin and Yang, participating in heaven and earth, and Daoji group was born”..