Ride all the way and enjoy beautiful scenery all the way! These are the most beautiful early spring in Longquan!

The day of warm spring is quietly approaching, and I can’t help but feel like going out to have fun.

Today, I recommend Longquan high-value riding routes.

Beautiful scenery, spring flowers, neooxin…

All you want here are riding routes that take advantage of the crowd and hurry out for a ride.

Phiyun line phiyun line is the “2019 cycling tour around Zhejiang · Oujiang Landscape Poetry Road Longquan finals and the third Jiangnan summit sky riding phiyun line challenge”, It is praised as “the most beautiful riding route” by the cycling industry.

Along the Oujiang mountains and rivers, you can find the beautiful countryside connected by the roads, cross the flat and wide g528 Longguang line, live in Longhong Town, and the undulating and curved mujiao line…

Feel the endless surprise under your feet! Zhang Yougang’s West alone line Zhang Yougang’s West alone line is a beautiful economic and transportation corridor in Longquan City.

The line starts at the bottom of QingKeng, West Street, Longquan City and ends at Yanzhang township government, with a total length of 24km.

Zhang Yougang photographed this road as a rural tourism and cycling route with the theme of “Taohuayuan”.

A large number of peach trees and green peaches were selected as the keynote trees along the road to create a real Taohuayuan landscape Avenue.

Riding on the road, you can enjoy the cultural and natural scenery of West Street all the way.

Although the peach blossom is not in bloom now, it is not the most beautiful time of this road, but the green everywhere makes you feel fresh.

Yingbin Avenue is located in Yingbin Avenue in Longquan City.

It is suitable for riding Xiaobai like Xiaobian.

The whole route is not long, but it is just right for exercise and sightseeing.

The wide Yingbin Avenue is like a green ribbon, which organically integrates elements such as “porcelain rhyme Kendo, Chinese flying dragon; the top of the Yangtze River Delta, the source of the three rivers; beautiful mountains and rivers, and the forest sea in southern Zhejiang”, and writes the humanistic beauty of Longquan.

Zhang Yougang photographed LAN Juhong mountain greenway.

LAN Juhong mountain leisure greenway is located in LAN Juxiang, where mountains are continuous, trees are lush, and negative oxygen ions are bursting.

The dew is fresh in the morning, and the sunset is gorgeous in the evening.

Only when you come will you know that it is so pleasant to ride along the river.

Riding around, over the dust, the lush trees are like a green barrier, isolating the noise of the city.

Looking up, you can see the scenery.

Such a beautiful greenway really wants to ride a car! Spring breeze blows willows and flowers in full bloom on earth.

Meet in March.

Come to Longquan for a ride to harvest the scenery you are looking forward to! ✔ Image and text: Longquan tourism (id:zjlqtour) editor of this issue: Jin Yucheng reviewed by: Xu Jitao statement: without permission, it is forbidden.