Required reading for novice cyclists

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Thank you for your support! 1、 Why do I choose cycling and exercise? I’ve tried many aerobic exercises.

There are many favorite sports that I can’t do because of lumbar disc herniation, such as running, badminton, rope skipping, etc.

Even sports that need running and jumping have a great impact on the lumbar spine.

For a period of time, you have been climbing stairs after anaerobic exercise.

This effect is also OK, and it does no harm to your waist.

Climbing 100 floors each time is too boring.

Facing the empty stairs alone, you should also be able to imagine.

By chance, I came into contact with cycling.

As long as the posture is correct, this exercise has no effect on the lumbar spine.

Compared with other sports, it has several advantages: 1 You can go out to see the beautiful scenery, combine sports with leisure, and relax your mood while exercising your body; (some people say that walking and running are OK, but the distance is not comparable to cycling, so walking and running can only see Limited scenery, and cycling can travel around the world) 2 Riding for a whole day won’t feel too tired.

Ordinary aerobic exercise is difficult for ordinary people to adhere to.

It’s tiring to exercise for an hour, but riding for two hours is very easy.

After slowly learning riding skills and adapting to riding, you won’t feel tired for a whole day.

The effect of this aerobic exercise is much better than others; (because the scenery on the road is good, the mood is good, and they often stop to take photos.

There are three or five friends talking and laughing together.

Naturally, they won’t feel tired.) 3 The most important thing of aerobic exercise is to be able to persist.

There is still a threshold for getting started in cycling, but once you participate in it, you will gradually fall in love with cycling.

You don’t have to insist, you will become addicted.

(you start to study riding technology from the time you buy a car and equipment.

After you slowly start riding, you will learn a lot of skills and knowledge, which will make you very interesting.

Once you start riding, your body will soon change, physical fitness will increase, fat will decrease, and your stomach will disappear…

Don’t insist, you will be addicted.).

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2、 People who choose what kind of car they haven’t touched always want to exercise with ordinary commuter bicycles.

It’s not that you can’t, it’s just that you can get hurt easily.

Why? Ordinary bicycles have no speed change function or simple speed change ability, and are only suitable for commuting or short-distance walking in cities.

If it is used for exercise, the distance is more than 30 kilometers at least once, and it will be more than 100 kilometers if you ride all day.

This distance, coupled with the undulating road surface, may have mountain climbing roads.

At this time, ordinary bicycles can not adapt to it, because the lack of speed change function or simple speed change will put a lot of pressure on your knees, which will be very obvious after long-time riding muscle fatigue or climbing, If it causes knee injury, it is difficult to recover.

It is recommended to buy the mountain bike or station wagon of giant or Merida.

For road bikes, the price is high and the pursuit of speed is not suitable for entry-level training.

Mountain bikes or station bikes can basically adapt to all terrain, and the frame is solid and durable.

It is recommended to choose a variable-speed vehicle with 24 speeds or above.

It is better to have a price of more than 2000.

Those that are too cheap are not durable and cost-effective.

There must be front fork shock absorption, not rear shock absorption.

Purchase notes: 1 You can buy a second-hand car.

The new price is about half of that of a new car, but you need someone who knows the car to help you inspect it; 2.

don’t buy cars of small brands.

They can be used as ordinary bicycles.

Others are not professional and the price is not low; 3.

Buying a car is the same as buying clothes.

It has different sizes, different heights and leg lengths, and the size requirements of the frame and wheels are different.

It is recommended to find someone who understands the car for reference; 3、 After buying a car, you need to buy some basic equipment, such as helmets, headscarves, glasses, gloves, bags, code watches, lights, bells, etc.

These first four are necessary, especially helmets.

Safety comes first.

Many people are not used to wearing helmets at first, which is the same as not used to wearing seat belts when driving.

This thing can save lives, and they will get used to it gradually.

You can buy all these things for about 200 yuan on Taobao.

As for cycling clothes, it is best to use professional cycling clothes.

Of course, if you want to keep a low profile, you can buy cycling clothes or sportswear with plain colors.

Main functions: 1 Spring and summer cycling clothes or autumn and winter underwear should be made of fast drying fabrics to quickly absorb and drain sweat, so as to keep the body dry and not easy to catch a cold; 2.

the cycling clothes in autumn and winter should be windproof and breathable.

Even if the temperature is very cold, it will be very hot when the exercise starts.

At this time, if the cold wind blows, it is easy to catch a cold.

If you wear too much and are airtight, your clothes will be wet with sweat and you will be more likely to catch a cold.


professional riding clothes and bright colors can make it easy for other vehicles to see you when you ride on the road.

This will make you safer.

After riding for a period of time, you can prepare tire repair tools, camel bags, raincoats, tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, etc.

according to the situation.

4、 If you have a suitable bike for your riding posture, you’d better adjust the bike to your body before practicing, and then learn the correct riding posture before exercising.


Keep the riding posture of retracting the abdomen and standing the pelvis, and naturally arch the back to reduce the pressure on the perineum and the impact on the waist.


Relax your shoulders and let them sag naturally, which can avoid neck pain and make your arms more flexible.


always keep your knees and toes ahead of each other.

Do not ride in the inner eight or outer eight to avoid knee injury.


Straighten the wrist, reduce wrist pain caused by impact, and avoid wrist ligament contusion.

Note that the angle of the brake handle is adjusted to the natural extension direction of the wrist.


keeping the elbow bent can not only reduce the impact of ground vibration, but also flexibly operate the steering..