Cycling is popular in social circles! The entry-level needs nearly 10000 yuan, and some cars have been fried into “financial products”, and

As night fell on Chang’an Street in Beijing, the cycling team was comparable to dumplings.

As soon as the green light was on, 180 bicycles charged in an instant.

Not only in Beijing, but also in Chengdu, the 100 kilometer long greenway around the city has become a punching point for local cyclists.

Many people spontaneously launched challenges and released strategies to promote cycling into the ranks of Chengdu’s “new Triathlon”.

“Welcome back to the 1980s.” When seeing the dense cycling teams in the urban area, some netizens sighed.

Back in the 1980s, bicycles were one of the “three major items” of marriage, and later became a means of transportation for ordinary people.

When cars enter thousands of households, bicycles gradually fade out of people’s sight, and now they are popular again – more and more people ride bicycles, and the bicycles are more and more beautiful.

Who has been moved by the wind? The popularity of urban cycling to “traffic jam” is not only a new way of low-carbon travel, but also a social currency, circle talk, and personalized self-expression.

It is understood that among these new cyclists, the vast majority of them have daily sports and fitness needs, but due to the epidemic, the sports they used to participate in or the fitness venues they often go to cannot continue for the time being, and they choose to ride outdoors to maintain their sports habits and state.

No matter why you start, a road car is essential.

Therefore, the popularity of cycling as an outdoor lifestyle has driven the bicycle industry, which has been silent for a long time.

As a sport: hot to “traffic jam”, nearly 10000 yuan of entry-level equipment cycling was originally only one of the options for outdoor fitness sports.

Like hiking, long-distance running, mountaineering, etc., cycling also has its own circle, including cycling clubs, event organizers, routes, and related apps.

As an outdoor lifestyle, cycling has a relatively clear definition: fitness activities mainly carried out by road vehicles in some suitable sections of the urban or suburban areas.

The distance ranges from tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, and the riding time is mostly more than twoorthree hours.

Recently, on social media, riders on Chang’an Street in Beijing began to get together.

On the bicycle lane specially separated by the fence, professional cyclists wear helmets, riding clothes, and step on tens of thousands of professional bicycles, keeping pace with men, women, and children who ride all kinds of shared bicycles.

The motorway next door is full of traffic, and the bicycle lane is not too far away – caught in the middle of a large number of bicycles, each rider carefully maintains the shortest safe distance, as if in a trance back to the era when bicycles “dominated” 30 years ago.

At present, more and more young people have joined the team of urban cycling.

In fact, the consumption threshold of road bicycles is not low.

According to CCTV finance and economics, Ms.

Gao, a consumer, chose an entry-level car and some equipment, which cost about 8000-9000 yuan.

This price is acceptable.

According to CCTV finance, the reporter learned that the price of a road bike ranges from 5000 yuan to 100000 yuan.

In addition, according to the interface news, models with a price of more than 5000 yuan are the mainstream consumption range, of which 5000-8000 yuan is the most popular, while models with a price of 10000-15000 yuan are the most popular.

The model with 10000 yuan gear is the first choice for many riders to “achieve the goal in one step”.

Due to the original limited inventory and insufficient production capacity of new cars, many stores in Beijing have no cars to sell, making it difficult to get a car.

As a social currency and talking capital in the circle: a bike of more than 10000 yuan has become a financial product into the riding pit.

The first thing is to buy a bike of your own.

At the bottom of 1000 yuan, 3000-7000 yuan basically meets the demand, 7000-10000 yuan “into the pit”, more than 10000 yuan “enthusiasts”, and then up there are private customized models with prices of more than 100000 yuan.

After buying a car, you should also buy relevant parts.

Generally speaking, helmets, front and rear lights, gloves, code watches, clothing, and cup holders are commonly used.

“It costs about 1000 yuan to complete this set.” Accessories, like choosing the color matching and brand style when buying a car, represent the aesthetics and attitude of enthusiasts.

Many fans will make leather handles and cup holders by hand, and also match clothes according to the color matching of bicycles.

In the eyes of many consumers, the price of bicycles is mostly in the hundreds of yuan.

Brompton (commonly known as Xiaobu) bicycle, worth 16000 yuan, is undoubtedly a luxury in the cycling circle.

This brand is the most famous folding bicycle brand in Britain.

There are more than 20000 notes searching for relevant entries on the little red book app.

At first, young people just shared a state of urban slow life on social networks: riding Brompton to the coffee shop on the corner, folding Brompton for afternoon tea with friends.

Gradually, with rich color matching, ingenious folding and unique parking shape, small cloth has become a must-have item of the trend.

Just like those trendy goods such as wearing suits, sneakers, accessories, backpacks and glasses, trendsetters’ sharing composition suddenly cannot lack “small cloth”.

According to interface news, because the brand insists on using manual brazing to link the frame, the production capacity is very limited.

Coupled with the expensive costs of import and international transportation, small cloth is still a scarce source of goods in China.

The purchase price of the entry-level model is more than 15000 yuan.

The price of some special colors, or commemorative editions, limited editions, etc., has doubled due to the scarcity of quantities.

In addition, Xiaobu also has a wealth of modified parts and accessories provided by third parties, which cater to the psychology of young people to express themselves and highlight their personality.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, some people even regard Xiaobu as a “work of art” and hang it on the second-hand trading platform.

“If you don’t get out of this car, you have to get off.” Many car owners said in the product introduction.

▲ figure source: under the wave of cycling fever, consumers want to own a favorite bike, only money is not enough, but also have patience to wait for delivery..