Continue to realize the dream and rush to Dongxing. Zhijian, who suffered a leg injury, pushes fiercely. On the 27th day of cycling, I lived

Five laws: leap over ten thousand mountains, Yunnan and Guangxi are bumping back and forth, and it is difficult to travel far under the epidemic.

Pass pass pass pass pass Wandeng heaven.

Alas, the sun and the moon are bright.

Why are you crying? With great ambition, we will fly to the mountains! It’s the first day of April, and you have to take a disgusting turn around.

Because it’s an abnormal detour route at all, there is no legal navigation for even a short-term goal.

After check-out, two important things are to find a car repairer and a steamed stuffed bun shop.

“Shop” is wooden, only “stall”.

Do you see the position of 1 meat bag, 2 vegetable bags and 2 cups of soybean milk for 6 yuan? I’m going to go over and have dinner with the squatting aunt.

Nima buried the meat stuffing of the only meat bag she had bought so hard that she almost didn’t bite her finger! 😡😡 Those who specialize in bicycles can’t even think about it.

They asked the hardware store and the blacksmith shop.

The first two who repair tricycles and motorcycles haven’t opened yet.

This is the fifth one.

Yesterday, when I rode back from the checkpoint in the dark, the handlebars almost fell off because the screws were loose.

If I hadn’t been skilled in riding, I would have almost fallen down several times.

The key is to go deep into the cliff and see your mother again.

I feel sad and afraid when I think about it.

The kind-hearted Master Liu found the Allen wrench, loosened the screw first, then aligned the handlebar, and then tightened it hard.

It took minutes to fix this fatal problem.

“Brother, that hardware store is reluctant to give you a complete set…

No thanks, no need to pay…” “brother Liu, you really helped me a lot…

I just want to pay you 5 yuan.

Buy a bottle of water…” it’s the eighth time to repair the car with a warm heart.

Fill up your belly, fix the handlebars, and then go to Yunnan in the rainy weather here in the “duodong” business hall…

Mother Xi fart, how did you do it yesterday? How did you get out of Longhe township (town) today.

Sad, really helpless and sad! 😂😂 The police also worked hard to make the epidemic worse.

They also took steamed stuffed buns and soybean milk for breakfast.

They didn’t know how big the stuffing was.

The little comrade on the left severely criticized us and said: “the epidemic is so serious that you still run around…

You can’t do nucleic acid.

Some times you can’t do it…

Even if you don’t gather with a mask, you won’t be infected…” “Comrades, you have worked hard…

The epidemic has been going on for more than two years, and people have to live…

If I didn’t stay here last night, the hotel wouldn’t even earn 70 yuan.

We would both be crying with each other in arms…” crying with each other in arms is used as an adjective here, not as a verb, which is a bit exaggerated.

😂😂😂 Tut Tut, you see, the mountain root on the other side of the road was “on the wrong path” yesterday.

Now I look back and think about it again.

It’s not even drizzle.

At best, it’s the third person who bit the stuffing of steamed stuffed buns.

Ande Town, which is under the jurisdiction of Jingxi city on the left, has also set up a card to stop it.

Pull it down, and you have to go back to the slope of “the mountain, the water and the beautiful slope”.

In fact, at this moment, Fang made it clear that he didn’t have to run to Funing County, as long as he entered banlun Township, which borders Napo County, and then ran to Guichao town in the northeast.

The road to the South and East is blocked, and crossing banlun township to the north is the only unique “life and death” route now! Suppose you want to go west? That must be the category of illegally crossing the border and not wanting to die.

Have you seen the car with the brake lights on? The road has become such a virtue.

Does NIMA still use speed bumps? It’s a rotten road running back and forth in these two days.

At least half of them have the function of destroying the car and slowing down.

Napo yo, with good mountains, good water and beautiful scenery, I left quietly.

Just as I came quietly, I waved my sleeve to get rid of fatigue and dust…

On the night of March 27, I came to the city from this antique gate building.

At this time five days later, I was ready to leave Guangxi and enter Yunnan.

If I hadn’t been strong and stubborn since childhood, I wouldn’t have to wait to enter Yunnan.

I would have been crazy.

Hey, hey, take another picture of the Napo passenger station where passengers are going.

It’s time to do nucleic acid.

It’s uncivilized and hospitable to refuse guests because of the epidemic! Whoa, whoa! Napo County is located in the southwest border of Guangxi and the southern edge of liushaoshan mountain, the extension of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau.

It is adjacent to Jingxi City, Funing County and Vietnam.

It has a 207 km long border line and is the county with the longest land border in Guangxi.

Ouch! When I saw this card, my brain was dizzy and my head was buzzing with melon seeds.

How did it become 24 hours after leaving Napo? When did this happen? Isn’t it always 48 hours? Heaven, earth! In a few hours, 48 hours will arrive.

What should I do? What should I do! Take another close shot.

Look, the number of 24 is obviously newly posted.

I saw at least five pieces of the same prompt sign all the way.

If I said I didn’t see it, even the ghost wouldn’t believe you! After 3 minutes and 40 seconds of hesitation and ideological struggle, let’s go to his uncle for 24 hours, break through, break through, never give up until we reach the Yellow River, never hit the south wall, never look back, and never come back to Napo again.

In front of me is the point of getting out of Napo.

My brain is turning around and thinking about it.

How can I deal with it with reason and strength and be sure to convince them! Afraid of being separated from others, it is not conducive to “customs clearance”, so if you don’t dare to take a card in front of you, take these last two warning signs to deal with it for a while..