Picking fruit, riding, watching the sea… Zhongshan is a good place for children to walk, don’t you know?

Have you found that the weather has been particularly good recently? The sun is bright, the air is transparent, and the photos are particularly beautiful.

It’s time to take you out for a walk.

Today, little Boog wants to recommend a good place to pick fruits, ride, walk children, fly kites, barbecue picnics, enjoy the sea breeze and the sea scenery.

Let’s go together on the greenway! The public greenway is 28 kilometers long.

About two-thirds of the greenway is built on the edge of the embankment.

Along the line, the waves are bright, the vegetation is verdant, the birds are singing, and the flowers are fragrant.

At dusk, you meet your friends on the greenway.

You can ride every step of the greenway, which is picturesque everywhere.

Every step you take makes you linger and forget to return.

Here, close your eyes and feel the sound of water, the sound of birds The sound of waves patting on the dam seems to hear the passage of time.

Walking on the greenway, look at both sides.

On the left is groups of emerald rice fields filled with vitality, and on the right is the beauty of the sea and the sky.

Bursts of cool sea breeze hit the pavement.

It’s fast! Come on! I really want to pack up and go home! The sunset just shines on the lake gently through the clouds, and the heart also becomes soft.

Whether it’s getting up early, running in the morning, or listening to the waves in the evening, it’s the first choice to rent a bike here.

You can enjoy leisure and recreation on the beach.

The people’s Greenway runs through eight villages, including people’s Shazi village, Xinping village, Xinping fourth village, Xinjian village, Yichang village, Yu’an village, Qun’an village, and Yanjiang village.

Along the line, you pass through rivers, fruit forests, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, cultivated land Different natural landscapes, such as the causeway, show the style of the water town and are known as “the most primitive greenway”.

In the season of ripe fruits, tourists can pick fruits in the village farm, which is fresh and has the fun of doing things by themselves.

They can also have a delicious farmhouse meal to try one day.

People in the water village welcome the dew in the morning, watch the sunset and enjoy the pleasant natural scenery.

This beautiful and quiet riding line is definitely a rare treasure! Let’s start along the public greenway this holiday.

Egrets, green trees, sunset and waves are all packed for you! Editor of Zhongshan release editorial department: Zheng Minjun Photography: Yan Minsi, Zheng Minjun beauty editor: Chen Taiyu editor in charge: Liu Zheng executive editor in chief: ye qianer editor in chief: Zhou Xianghong (Zhongshan release original works,.