How many did you hit in the best moment of riding?

What is your best moment? This is not a standardized answer For the police, catching criminals is the best time! For a dancer, immersing himself in his dance world is the best moment! For beginners learning to drive, the best time is to stop in one step at the side There are 1000 best moments for 1000 people, but for riders, these 13 moments are the best! Don’t believe it? The editor said it out to see how many you hit.

Remember to leave a message and tell the editor the best time (1) alone, riding a car, no electric car, no traffic lights, no work arrangements, no plans, no ideological burden, nothing Only heaven and earth and themselves, quiet and warm.

The best moment (2) I got the “poison” that has been excited for a long time.

I didn’t know how many times I had imagined playing it before, and now I have achieved my wish! The best time (3) wear new “Sao” equipment, when the return rate is high.

The best time (4) when I see a beautiful woman riding a bike on the road.

The best time (5) when a road team explodes.

The best time (6) when the maximum mileage in a single day is refreshed.

The best moment (7) riding in the rainstorm, I didn’t think I would catch a cold.

I insisted on riding to the end.

This is an impulse and a memory worth cherishing! The best moment (8) after riding on the mountain road for a long time, I turned a corner with beautiful mountains and rivers.

I stopped and took a deep breath of air.

The best time (9) to participate in a road race, and finally sprint to surpass many people and win.

The best moment (10) climb the top of the steep slope, look into the distance, and feel that the world is under your feet.

The best moment (11) after thousands of difficulties and dangers, we arrived at a beautiful holy land.

The best time (12) overcoming difficulties and helping others out of difficulties are happier than getting out of difficulties yourself.

The best moment (13) after riding for a day, the moment my brother raised his glass.

What about? How many did you win? Which one is your best? Outdoor cycling..