People’s mediation of disputes caused by accidents in electric vehicles

On January 30, 2022, the beixiangdian judicial office of Guangshan County Judicial Bureau played the role of people’s mediation, successfully mediated a traffic accident compensation dispute, and effectively maintained social harmony and stability during the Spring Festival.

It turned out that on December 21, 2021, Tu crashed and fractured the walking Zhou mouxiu’s left and right leg bones and right ankle bones by riding an electric car, and paid 9000 yuan of hospitalization medical expenses for the injured.

Zhou mouxiu’s husband Zeng went to the judicial office to apply for mediation compensation.

After being accepted by the judicial office, in combination with the special action requirements of “six prevention and six promotion” of contradictions and disputes, the judicial office immediately arranged people’s mediators to carry out mediation work, understood the course of the matter through visits and investigations, and then did the ideological work of the injured party Tu’s family in different ways, such as talking about law and reasoning and emotional.

Finally, the parties shook hands and made peace, Reached a people’s mediation agreement: Tu compensated Zhou mouxiu for medical expenses, lost work expenses, nursing expenses and nutrition expenses totaling 37000 yuan.

After deducting 9000 yuan of hospitalization medical expenses paid by the injured party in the early stage, the remaining 28000 yuan was paid in a lump sum on the spot, and the two parties had no relationship after that.

Through the patient mediation of people’s mediators, the dispute was finally resolved before the Spring Festival—— Freedom, equality, justice and rule of law – wechat: pay attention to judicial administration and promote the power of the rule of law..