From the irreplaceable pleasure of cycling

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As long as you play with sports, your first thought is that you will be tired if you consume your physical strength.

Cycling is not entirely tiring, but more fun! As long as the playing method is slightly flexible and the participating crowd is slightly adjusted, the effect of playing is completely different.

Sports cycling can bring a lot of fun.

Why not get on the bike and start.

Sports cycling can choose family travel.

Every weekend, accompany parents and children, take them to the suburbs, accompany them on bicycles, enjoy the beauty of nature, feel the vitality of nature and breathe the fresh air.

Riding a bicycle can find a safe place to stop at any time, rest at any time and enjoy the beautiful scenery at any time.

How do couples in love spend their dates, taste delicious food, watch movies and drink coffee? Isn’t it a little old-fashioned.

Is it a good choice to take her on a bike? In the undisturbed environment, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers in nature are also very romantic.

When she is tired, a word of encouragement; When she is thirsty, a drink Go and enjoy the sweetness of cycling.

Now many companies will carry out League building activities and expansion training, which is also to increase the cohesion of the team and promote the cooperation ability of the team.

Many friends have participated in more than once or twice.

Do you think the current expansion training is old-fashioned and has no new ideas? Why not choose cycling? Set a goal for everyone and ride together.

There are also many friends who choose sports cycling.

They often see friends who ride at night; I often see friends who travel together on weekends.

While exercising, they gained a healthy body, a circle of friends, beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Choose sports bike, choose a kind of happiness, choose a kind of self abuse.

Cycling is also the most convenient way to travel at present.

Many friends will choose cycling, which is green and will not be affected by congestion.

Are you still worried about traffic jams and bus congestion during the rush hour every day? Why not choose to ride to and from work? Once you ride to and from work, you will find that the speed of riding to and from work is much higher than driving.

There are many ways to ride, how to play can harvest happiness and health! Recommended reading: 9 controversial topics in cycling circle! How dangerous are the 11 revolutionary models that have profoundly changed cycling?! Do you want to protect your knees when riding a bike? Stay away from these habits immediately! The most complete bicycle chain maintenance manual, collect it! I’m afraid you will suffer losses.

I’ll teach you how to comprehensively check your bike before online shopping and second-hand cycling? When should the bicycle consumable parts be replaced? What are the grooves on the bicycle cushion for? Do you know what loss of temperature is? How many degrees Celsius do you think can freeze a person to death? Case: Shanghai law professor was fined 30 yuan for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and told the traffic police to go to court.

Why is riding a road bike more tiring than a mountain bike uphill? A volcanic eruption brought bicycles.

Who says riding is the business of young people? I’m not afraid of the long road.

I’m afraid I’ll always like this article.

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